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The president has suggested to create structure which will be engaged in tourism development

the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev at meeting in Krasnodar on development of resorts of the North Caucasus has declared that will charge to the government to develop mechanisms of support of tourist branch and has suggested to create federal structure which will be responsible for these questions in the future.

- I will give the commission to be defined to the government with mechanisms of support of tourist branch the next years - how we will remove obstacles for fast development of tourism, and also we will provide realisation of measures on information support tourist services and offers on internal and foreign markets, - the president has told. - In the near future, after formation of the new government, we will be defined with what should be advance as the decision of those problems who will be responsible for the concrete results, what structures it should be organised will be engaged.

According to the head of the state, Russia in a status to double a tourist stream. on realisation of tourist potential, according to the international experts we are, unfortunately, on 59 - m a place, - he has told. - annually to us comes no more than two millions foreign tourists - thus that we the greatest on territory the country on a planet . And Russia has all necessary for situation correction: we have base preconditions for growth of a tourist stream. It can be increased a minimum twice.

Hopes of tourist`s stream revival communicate now with forthcoming large sports competitions - the Olympic Games - 2014 in Sochi and the World championship on football in 2018. The president is assured: to adhere internal tourism only to such tournaments it is wrong: How much we accepted them are all - taki episodes... And internal tourism should exist non - the stop, all year . Among the pacing factors, braking tourism development in the country, low service, and also out-of-date migratory regulations have been named the out-of-date or expensive hotel network, not developed transport infrastructures.

- the Tourist branch is one of key in the world. On volume of incomes in the world it takes the third place, conceding to the oil-extracting industry and motor industry. At first hydrocarbons, then cars and then - tourism - Dmitry Medvedev has noted. He has demanded from each region to develop the real program of development of tourism (as the minister of sports, tourism and the youth policy Vitaly Mutko has informed, such program is available today only for 59 subjects of the Russian Federation).

During meeting on which there were heads of southern regions of the country, the course of realisation of the project on creation of a modern tourist`s cluster in the North Caucasus has been in detail considered.

- the Highlight Northern - the Caucasian cluster - it is mountain - climatic tourism, - the president has noted. - it is here again made already much for formation uniform standard - legal base. The mechanism of the state support of the project has been developed, changes are made to the federal law on special economic zones of the Russian Federation, and this law allows to solve today the challenging tasks. Before such mechanism was not. For residents of economic zones turistsko - recreational type in the North Caucasus tax and customs privileges are provided. There are concrete fruits of this activity. At full speed there is a building of a resort of Arhyz - hope, in a winter season of 2012 it can accept the first tourists.

Dmitry Medvedev has allowed the order to the government of the Russian Federation to define requirements of a tourist cluster of resorts of the North Caucasus and Caspian sea on an external, engineering, power and transport infrastructure and to prepare offers on terms of building and on sources of financing of corresponding expenses .

Having reminded that now there passes reconstruction of six airports - in Krasnodar, Mineral Inputs, Maikop, Nalchik, Makhachkala and Beslan, - he has told: It is necessary to construct four new airports. Thus it is necessary to be defined with what airports will be fabami - points where there is a basic transfer of a volume of passenger traffic and a goods traffic. Carrying capacity of the airports of the North Caucasus should be about 20 thousand persons a day. And for project realisation it is mountain - a tourist cluster the volume of passenger traffic should be increased a minimum five times .

the Head of the state also has charged to the government to minimise financial risks of investments into tourism in the North Caucasus long-term state guarantees and has thanked the Russian and foreign investors, which have incurred serious enough obligations and have already started to work in the south of Russia .

- But to us it is necessary to move further, it is necessary to minimise high level of financial risks, including long-term state guarantees for investors, - Medvedev has underlined.
the president has urged to develop and rest on Caspian sea, having made this direction key at realisation of tourist projects on caucasus.

Vitse - the prime minister, the plenipotentiary of the president in SKFO Alexander Hloponin has supported this offer, having noticed that, while there practically anything is not present .

- it is valid, unfortunately, we on Caspian sea do not have anything, - Medvedev has told. - and our problem - to develop there not only military presence, but also to build tourist objects. It should become a key problem for tourism development on caucasus and for development of Dagestan as a whole.

According to Hloponina, tourism development in the North Caucasus will give the chance to open more than 330 thousand new workplaces and to accept to 10 million tourists a year . And while hostels of various level will be under construction, and in the North Caucasus it is necessary to spend for development of a tourist cluster more than 450 billion roubles. The state investments will make of this sum of 60 billion .

the Plenipotentiary has informed that the first is created joint Russian - the French enterprise for building of tourist objects in the North Caucasus. In turn, the special representative of the president of France on development of economic cooperation with Russia Jean - Pierre Toma (it is included into company board of directors Resorts of the North Caucasus ) It is assured that the civil-engineering design of a tourist cluster in the North Caucasus will be successfully realised and will involve not only Russians, but also tourists from Europe and from the Near East .

At meeting of the head of Dagestan and Ingushetia were converted to the president with the request to increase the authorised capital of the program Resorts of the North Caucasus in connection with recent inclusion of their regions in the program. The president has charged to the minister of economic development to Elvira Nabiullina to prepare the definitive report with calculations of that, how much money resources is required on development of resorts in these two republics.

In the performance the head of Federal agency on tourism Alexander Radkov has sounded such figures: the volume of internal tourism in the Russian Federation last year was made 33,3 million by person - for 8 percent more than in 2010 - m to year. Tourism gives 3,4 percent of gross national product of the country. 38   Percent of our citizens (12,7 million person) prefer rest on various coasts of the country, including on Far East. However, among beach objects one third " is suitable only for use;. And the most dynamical (though it occupies only 8 percent of the market) is mountain-skiing tourism. The basic domestic tourist territories is Southern, Central and Severo - Western districts.

On a question of the president that that is made on tourism development for last four years when it in 2008 gave the corresponding commission to the government, the head of department has told that the federal target program of development of tourism is accepted, the program of tourist possibilities of the Russian Federation started. However under the program Seven tourist zones only three zones in a status to accept tourists.

Dmitry Medvedev has noticed that if any region not in a status to develop program tourist object it it is necessary to pass for building in other region .

At meeting speech and about necessity of strengthening of responsibility of the organisations which are engaged in the organisation of tourist rest in the country and abroad has come. Thus to the president have explained that the law in which there are necessary articles, has already passed the first reading in the State Duma.

With enough unexpected idea the governor of Kuban Alexander Tkachev who has offered for more efficient control of objects of the winter Olympic Games has acted - 2014 to form a special economic zone: Many under construction objects in Sochi will be constructed, and that norms have been applied, it is necessary, at least, year - ones and a half. Therefore consider expedient to create such zone in Sochi and to appoint Resorts of the North Caucasus a uniform management company .

is concerns directly sports objects which are under construction and will be maintained, - Tkachev has explained. - According to the current legislation, in 2014 action so-called " will end; the Olympic privileges and expenses for operation of the objects constructed to the Olympic Games, can make an order of 50 billion roubles in a year. According to experts, additional financial loading will be reflected in the price of services for tourists, and against commissioning of the first stages of resorts of a North Caucasian tourist cluster competitiveness of tourist branch of Sochi, thus, will decrease.

the Inquiry

the Project of a tourist cluster provides building in the south of Russia in seven special economic zones (OEZ) new mounting skiing resorts of a world class: Lagonaki (Kuban and Adygea), Arhyz (Karachaevo-Circassia), Elbrus - Bezengi (Kabardino - Balkarija), Mamison (North Ossetia), Matlas (Dagestan), Tsori and Armhi (Ingushetia), and also beach resorts at the Caspian coast of Dagestan. The general extent of mountain-skiing lines will exceed 1100 kilometres, quantity of lifts - 227 units, capacity of hostels - 102,5 thousand places, daily carrying capacity of a cluster - from above 172 persons. Project financing is carried out on principles is state - private partnership   through Open Society Resorts of the North Caucasus - the company created for management OEZ.