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Officials Chelyabinsk business - an incubator are punished for a bribe conditionally

Today the Chelyabinsk regional court has announced a sentence to head OGU Innovative business - an incubator of the Chelyabinsk area to Evgenie Savin. It is recognised by guilty of attempt at large swindle with use of office position and is punished by four years conditionally with a trial period for three years.

As already informed, in a sensational case basis about recoils in business - an incubator the history about " has laid down; a gift at a rate of 200 thousand roubles which Savin has received from the representative of three Chelyabinsk firms which are engaged in innovative workings out. 70 thousand more to it have promised to list under the clearing settlement. Each of firms has paid for the assistance promised by the official in allocation 300 - the thousand budgetary grant on business development. Thus, the size of the bribe received by it, under the version of the investigation, has made almost the third part of budgetary support. Money in one of the Chelyabinsk cafes has been passed Savin Evgenie Alhanovu`s assistant. Then it delivered to their chief then both officials have been detained. Bribe reception, and to its assistant - complicity was accordingly incriminated to Savin.

However the court not in all has agreed with a consequence.

During trial it is established that Savin, being head OGU Innovative business - an incubator of the Chelyabinsk area really was a part of public coordination council on development of small and average business in the Chelyabinsk area which made the decision on distribution of grants of state support among beginning businessmen. However the competitive commission defined winners by a majority of votes. And to affect its decision, according to court, Savin alone could not. Therefore a bribe extorted for assistance which could not render, and, means, simply deceived businessmen. According to court, Savin also has involved the assistant who has mediated in negotiations and transfer money in this swindle. Thus, actions of the official are retrained from article about a bribe on softer - about attempt at swindle.

to Its assistant Evgenie Alhanovu who was initially admitting complicity at reception of a bribe and actively co-operating with the investigation, the court has measured much more severe punishment, having sentenced to five years of imprisonment is conditional, with a trial period for three years, 300 - to the thousand penalty and right deprivation to occupy posts in public service for three years. As have explained in the court, in acceptance of such decision own recognition of the defendant became solving.

Then the head business - an incubator Evgenie Savin has changed the repented assistant. It up to the end stood on the full innocence. Declared that money has passed it for the organisation of a banquet for winners of competition and to itself(himself) he has not put in a pocket copecks. And the assistant has stipulated it under the pressure of a consequence. Really, to spend money the official from - for detention was not in time.

Nevertheless in business materials there are operative videos - and audio records of conversations of officials. In particular, that moment when Alhanov has passed the chief of 200 thousand roubles and has explained, for which victory of firms this money is received. The court has considered proofs of fault of both officials sufficient.

- At purpose of punishment to Savin the court has considered its exclusively positive characteristics from a work and residence place, age, presence in charge of the juvenile child, and also presence of heavy chronic diseases, - has explained the head a press - services of the Chelyabinsk regional court Elena Verigo. - Its business has entered court in May, 2011, but in connection with a serious illness and necessity of operation of hearing stopped for some months.