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13 participants of an attack on fate - festival the Tornado will appear before court

Criminal case about the organisation of mass riots on fate - festival the Tornado in the Chelyabinsk area it is directed to court. The bill of particulars   to 13 participants of an attack on spectators of festival the assistant to the general public prosecutor of Russia in UrFo Yury Ponomarev today has confirmed. Seven from all of them still are in custody. In separate manufacture criminal cases concerning accomplices whom after commission of crime vessels have absconded also are allocated.

we Will remind, law enforcement bodies managed to establish persons 46 of more, than seventy fighters who have rushed on festival with the traumatic weapon, pieces of armature and baseball bits. However very many of them till now it was possible to avoid arrest.

As the senior public prosecutor of management of the State Office of Public Prosecutor in UrFo Dmitry Serebrjannikov has informed, charges are shown three organizers of slaughter and ten its active participants.

- by the Consequence it is established that the conflict with having a rest in the summer cafe belonging 34 - to summer Robert Nazarjanu became the reason of disorders. And more to two women under investigation accusation in the organisation of mass riots at festival, and as   is brought to it; in the hatred or enmity excitation made with application of violence, the organised group - Dmitry Serebrjannikov has explained. - the Rest should be responded only for participation in disorders. Having considered that admirers fate - music have insulted them, Nazareans and its accomplices have solved them to teach a good lesson . For this purpose they have called group of acquaintances   from among local youth, and, having informed them on the occurred conflict, have called for physical violence realisation over rokerami Thereby having carried out hatred kindling to admirers of the given musical style as to social group.

As already informed, on August, 29th, next day after the conflict in the cafe, aggressively adjusted swells armed with the traumatic weapon, baseball bits,   wooden sticks, metal pipes and other make-shifts, profits to children`s camp Zoe Kosmodemjansky`s name where passed festival, and, having rushed on its territory, began to beat all got under a hand, whose clothes, a hairdress or attributes, gave out their accessory to rokeram . Have suffered more than 40 not having any relations to the conflict of spectators, including the captain of militia Alexander Vekshin, alone tried to confront with the attacking.

During the investigation of circumstances of fight criminal cases under articles about hooliganism, violence application to representatives of the power and a negligence are raised from officials miasskogo the Department of Internal Affairs, not provided security on mass action.

Today more than 100 volumes of criminal case the Tornado are sent in the Chelyabinsk regional court. If the fault of organizers of slaughter is proved, to them threatens till 10 years of imprisonment. To ordinary participants depending on weight of the harm caused by them   punishment for the term from three till seven years of imprisonment can be appointed.