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Online - translation of match CHR on football the Ruby - the Locomotive

the Ruby – the Locomotive
the Ruby
0: 0
1. Saffron milk caps
19. Kaleshin
2. Kuzmin
67. Kverkvelija
15. Kisljak
9. nemov
23. R.Eremenko
66. Natho
61. Karadeniz
8. Ryazantsev
18. Valdes

the spare:

24. Arlauskis
7. Bystrov
63. A.Dzhalilov
10. Kasaev
5. Martins
25. Djadjun
30. Vale
1. Gilerme
55. JAnbaev
49. Shishkin
5. The barge haulier
7. Tarasov
51. Beljaev
27. Ozdoev
8. Glushakov
11. Sychev
90. Majkon
25. Kajsedo

the spare:

35. Filtsov
22. Yes the Money
10. Loskov
4. Sapater
21. Torbinsky
13. Obnina
15. Pavljuchenko
Statistics of a match
0 Goals 0
6 Blows 4
2 Blows in an alignment 0
3 Angular 5
54 Possession of a ball (%) 46
16 Fouls 16
3 Yellow maps 2
0 Red maps 0
90 + 3 the Match is finished Atakoj Janbaeva also has come to the end this game. All good!
90 + 3 Citizens of Kazan have run forward, but > 90 + 3 Business goes to the nobody`s. Though the Locomotive tries to hammer. But defence of citizens of Kazan works regularly
90 + 2 the Yellow card Kisljak at the Ruby has received for otkidku a ball
90 + 1 New zabros a ball in penal Loko . Muscovites beat off also go forward
90 Kasaev has made a miracle - a pass, but anybody from partners on a distant bar has not gone. One more dangerous moment at the Ruby ! Has joined at citizens of Kazan the second breath . 3 minutes
89 Torbinsky breaks rules on Kaleshine
88 Visitors enter a ball into game from the gate, Kasaev plays actively
88 Replacement Kasaev at the Ruby left instead of Karadeniza
87 In a ballet jump the football player " tried to hammer; Loko . A foul
86 Karadeniz has broken rules on Tarasove in attack time the Ruby
86 Slowly Torbinsky processed a ball. Here in time owners also had time to intercept its canopy in penal
85 Muscovites still hope to hammer. But to think up something interesting at them it is impossible. In protection the Ruby plays confidently
84 Saffron milk caps beats out a ball in the field, playing last defender
84 Passions have a little settled, citizens of Kazan go forward. A foul on Nemove
83 Shishkin folit on Kaleshina, being in several metres from another`s gate
82 Replacement Torbinsky instead of Sychev. The captain`s bandage from the second passes to the first. It is more than replacements at Loko does not remain, and here the Ruby Still has changed nobody
81 Rare attack the Ruby . Karadeniz tries to make the way alone. Visitors reflect attack
80 New attack of visitors on the right flank. Sychev has got in ofsajd
79 Sapater beats above gate
79 Natho does an inexact pass, visitors run forward, earning a throw from - for lateral lines
78 Podacha Ozdoeva in anywhere. Make Magomed a canopy more softly - to be to the dangerous moment
77 the Canopy of visitors became an easy mark of Ryzhikova
76 the Pass of Tarasova was dangerous. But owners have discharged a situation
76 Loko Tries to hammer, strongly having settled on half of field the Ruby . A miss
75 Janbaev has managed to scratch a ball, but a pass in penal the Ruby remained addressless
74 Long attack the Ruby has ended with confident game on an exit performed by Gilerme
73 Owners beat off from zabrosov a ball visitors
72 Sychev has broken rules on half of citizens of Kazan
72 Angular the Ruby has played not very well, the ball has appeared at Gilerme
71 Replacement Sapater instead of Majkona at the Locomotive
71 Valdes at the Ruby could hammer, but to gate has not got
71 One more attempt of Muscovites to hammer has come to the end with failure
70 the Ruby in attack. Ball loss. Pavljuchenko struggles in a midfield
69 Game is tightened. Majkon has left a lawn, but the judge says, it is necessary what to change not it, and Sychev. So it was written by trainers of visitors
68 Replacement Pavljuchenko instead of Kajsedo at Loko
67 Majkon lies on a lawn, keeping for a foot
66 Saffron milk caps nespesha enters a ball into game. New attack of visitors which it is possible to name dangerous
66 we Wait double replacement at visitors
65 At draw angular Loko folit
65 Majkon urges Kverkveliju to translate a ball on angular
64 Visitors supervise a game course. Zabros a ball forward it is unsuccessful, Saffron milk caps does interception
63 Kajsedo has broken rules on Kaleshine
62 Glushakov is deduced on a shock position, but a ball after it a shot gets to feet of players the Ruby
62 Kuzmin`s Rough foul on Sychev. Loko will beat penal more close to a lateral line
61 Pass of visitors is stopped, but Sychev plays selection. Visitors throw a miss
60 Loko puts pressure, trying to force to be mistaken owners
59 Glushakov well raked in penal the Ruby but the ball has not reached partners. However further Glushakovu managed to punch and get to a bar! The goalkeeper to rescue the command could not
58 the Ruby long holds a ball on another`s half of field, but business does not reach solving blow
57 Nemov has not managed to process a ball, counter attack is finished
57 on Karadenize the arbitrator does not fix the Foul. the locomotive goes to attack, but the ball loses
56 the Ruby goes forward. Karadeniz has not managed to keep a ball which gets to visitors. Fast counter attack Loko has not created
56 Sychev loses a ball in attack
55 the Ball in a midfield, zabros forward visitors. New ofsajd at Loko
54 the Miss is thrown by visitors in a midfield
53 Kisljak takes up blow of Majkona! Dangerously, new angular. After its draw of Saffron milk caps takes away a ball in hands
52 Distant blow with penal does not reach gate, but angular Loko has earned
51 the Yellow card Kaleshinu for a foul against Ozdoeva. Dangerous penal at gate of owners
50 Glushakov shot at the goal, but has got In group of players in ruby vests
50 a Series of unsuccessful canopies in penal the Ruby after draw angular
49 to Sychev assist in a midfield
48 Kajsedo left on a shock position on the centre of gate, but Kverkvelija has prevented it to strike aim blow. Angular
48 While anything dangerous. Commands think of defence
47 Attempt of owners to attack at the left in what has not resulted
46 the Time has begun with ofsajda, in kotorj Valdes
45 + 1 the Break Commands have left to have a rest in warm locker rooms
45 + 1 Visitors again in ofsajde
45 + 1 Minute to play to a break
45 Visitors play penal in a midfield. A canopy, ball carrying out
44 Majkon has broken rules on Karadenize at another`s gate
43 Visitors have missed the initiative. The impression is made that they wish to finish somewhat quicker to a break
42 Draw of the angular has created the new moment at gate of visitors, Karadeniz tried to punch through itself
41 Drags a ball from a corner of Gilerme! Natho has thrown sphere through a wall angular
40 the Yellow card Beljaev for a foul against Karadeniza. An excellent point for exact blow, visitors put a wall
39 Penal at gate the Locomotive
39 the Ball flies from one half of field on another. Saffron milk caps beats out sphere in the field
38 Naves Eremenko forward, but the ball appears at the goalkeeper Loko
37 the Locomotive owns a ball more, but it is more than dangerous moments at the home team
36 the Scoring chance at Ryazantsev was! Karadeniz has hung, Alexander has come forward, but has punched as - that clumsily. More precisely, the ball has simply jumped aside from its football boot and has flown by by a bar
35 Dangerous the canopy with penal has turned out! Citizens of Kazan convulsively tried to beat out a ball in the field, and visitors could strike blow which could become goal. But all has come to the end for the Ruby safely
34 Visitors throw a miss in a midfield, zabros a ball forward. A hand plays R.Eremenko
33 Natho has punched from afar after a discount of Karadeniza. Above gate
33 the Yellow card Tarasov has received for a foul against Eremenko - younger in the central circle
32 Connection to attack of Janbaeva by the dangerous moment at gate the Ruby has not resulted. Kaleshin has confidently pushed aside the Muscovite from a ball
31 Giving of visitors in penal the Ruby has come to the end with interception of a ball of Ryzhikovym. But there and then the error follows, Ozdoev could hammer! However Kverkvelija has translated a ball on angular
30 Valdes breaks rules in a midfield. Loko tries to begin attack, but the ball appears at the goalkeeper
29 Angular in what has resulted. But after a foul Loko the Ruby has acquired the right to penalty kick. However and it dangerous at gate of visitors has not come to the end with anything
28 Ryazantsev could hammer! Errors in defence have allowed the citizen of Kazan to punch. The ball has slipped by Gilerme, has slipped on to a ribbon but Shishkin has translated a shell on angular
27 the Canopy is inexact. Anybody from players in white vests has not reached a ball
26 Kaleshin sfolil on Glushakove. Visitors have acquired the right to penalty kick in metres 30 from vort
25 Distant and inexact blow of Glushakova
24 Here one more ofsajd at Loko . Forward visitors
23 Rough game in a midfield. Glushakov the field after contact to Nemovym
22 Again ofsajd at Loko . Shishkin has got To it. Visitors can catch owners on last boundary. Anyway, Muscovites try to develop the given component of game
21 Karadeniz gave in forward, but on a ball Gilerme
20 Again a ball in a midfield. As - that all is sad, without critical moments
19 New penalty kick performed by the Locomotive from the same point, as some minutes ago. Tarasov and Kverkvelija struggled for a ball. The Muscovite has broken rules, a whistle
18 Ryazantsev`s Distant and inexact blow. The first attempt the Ruby to hammer
17 One more ofsajd at the Locomotive
17 Visitors roll a ball on the half of field, extending on itself players the Ruby . All comes to the end with a distant pass in hands to Ryzhikovu
16 New attack of citizens of Kazan has choked
15 Ozdoev dangerously went to collars the Ruby but Kverkvelija has not allowed it to strike aim blow
15 Giving with penal at Loko It has not turned out
14 Now at the left there is an attack Loko . Penal stay have earned. But a point not so convenient for a direct stroke: sideways
13 Visitors go forward on the right flank, the ball is translated in the centre, but Eremenko does interception. Anything dangerous the Ruby as a result has not managed to create
12 the Yellow card Natho has received. It seems that for excessive fervour
11 Citizens of Kazan foljat in a midfield, interrupting attack of visitors. Kisljak has broken rules
10 All the same struggle in the centre, Ryazantsev misses a ball for a lateral line
9 it is a lot of repassing in a midfield. Karadeniz begins attack, Ryazantsev does an unsuccessful lumbago in the penal. All has come to the end with a foul of Kverkvelii on Kajsedo
8 Naves Glushakova, but the arbitrator stops game, giving a ball To ruby
7 Shishkin throws a miss, Loko has earned angular
6 Loko tries to begin attack, Karadeniz does ball interception, but to Ryazantsev the pass has not managed to make
5 Attack Loko owners have interrupted, but forward have not gone. Speeds not the highest
4 Long attack of owners has come to the end with loss of a ball of Nemovym
4 the Miss is thrown by citizens of Kazan
3 Penal stay have played. Kajsedo in ofsajde
2 Now the Ruby breaks rules on the half of field
1 the First foul Loko in an attack
1 Game has begun! Visitors have entered a ball into game
0 Instead of the disqualified Sharonov the captain the Ruby Ryazantsev
0 Commands leave in the field. a ruby in ruby colours, the Locomotive - in white. Hymns of the Russian Federation and Tatarstan
0 In Kazan there is solar, but a frosty weather around ten degrees. The field is hardly better, than was on Monday at the Central stadium on which citizens of Kazan accepted Spartak however bald spots are present and on it

Today within the limits of 34 - go tour of football national championship the Ruby signs in Kazan Moscow the Locomotive .   Game of two participants of League of Europe of a season 2011/ 2012 will take place at spare stadium of the Kazan club which also carries the name the Ruby - here citizens of Kazan train, here the double sometimes acts. And here the basic structure spent official game on club base more ten years ago, playing in the first league.

Under the initial plan, 2012 tatarstantsy should open on this arena. But the Moscow match against Spartaka It was necessary to transfer to Kazan, and to contain all fans it is red - white together with local spectators the Central stadium could only. And before looks of fans has opened a kitchen garden which has been subjected to the rigid criticism.

However in Kazan also were not going to open a field of the Central stadium prior to the beginning of April.   with that end in view a match with an Olympiakos in League of Europe has been transferred in Luzniki and in Kazan on the Ruby there was a preparation for game with the Locomotive . The special technics warmed up a lawn from above, have begun repair podtribunnyh premises and replacement of armchairs. How much all it has turned out at organizers of a meeting, will see 9000 spectators (contains " so much; the Ruby ).

the most important problem which faces the Volga region command: whom to put in the centre of defencesy. In the previous match against Spartaka by the eighth yellow card in a season have received Sharon`s Novel and Sesar Navas, therefore with the Locomotive play they cannot. One more defender Salvatore Bokketti leaves disqualification for blow of the rival in game with the Dynamo in November of last year.

For the same reason search of yellow cards at the Locomotive halfback Ibrichich cannot act. But in Kazan there should be in the field attacking Roman Pavluchenko. In November it confronted to the Ruby in a club vest Tottenham and now is the forward Loko . Railwaymen, having spent in the come year three matches, two victories could gain in them. And here at citizens of Kazan start was not set: two defeats from an Olympiakos and a drawn game with Spartakom . Therefore the victorious result volzhanam vital, and it will prevail over owners of a meeting.

the Today`s match will begin at 16 o`clock Moscow time. The main judge of a duel Edward Malyj represents Volgograd.