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Rik Santorum has won prajmeriz in the State of Kansas

past Saturday in the State of Kansas the next tour of struggle between applicants in candidates on fast of the US president from Republican Party has taken place. As informs ITAR - TASS, the majority of participants of meeting of active workers have voted - 53 percent - to the former senator from the State of Pennsylvania Riku Santorumu.

the Nearest persecutor - the former speaker of the House of Representatives of the Congress of the USA Njut Gingrich has received only 17 percent of members of the same party. Behind it with backlog in 1 percent has settled down eks - the governor of the State of Massachusetts Mitt Romni. Last place the member of the House of Representatives of the Congress with more than with 20 - the summer experience of Ron occupies the Floor which has typed 13 percent of votes.

the Number voted in Kansas is estimated in 50 - 60 thousand persons. Pre-election race among republicans will come to the end in the summer with national congress in Tampa (State of Florida) on which there will be officially a proposed candidate in presidents.

Kansas is considered one of the most conservative states, therefore in advance it was clear that the main struggle will be developed between Santorumom and Gingrichem. Last, however, has refused propaganda of voters in staff to concentrate resources to primary elections which will pass on Tuesday in Alabama and Mississipi. Thereupon Rik Santorum, as a matter of fact, remained on Saturday without the worthy rival.

As a result the politician celebrates victory in the seventh time and continues a pursuit of the leader - Mittom Romni, in the general offset at which 14 victories.