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As a result of air attack to Gaza Strip was lost 12 - the summer boy

the Death toll as a result of the Israeli aviablows across Gaza Strip has increased in Sunday to 17 persons. The next victim of an air touch became 12 - the summer boy, passes Interfax referring to the Palestinian physicians.

Earlier it was informed that 16 persons have left life as a result of the aviablows, which Air Forces of Israel since Friday put across Gaza Strip. Besides, 27 more inhabitants of Gaza Strip have got wounds, and five of them are in a grave condition.

the Israeli military men strike blows to Gaza in reply to starts by the Palestinian insurgents of rockets towards Israel. In Tel - Abib assert that during the last days from territory of Gaza Strip have been started more than 100 rockets and shells, 27 from them are intercepted by the Israeli system of the ABM. As a result of these bombardments in territory of Israel of four persons are wounded, and three from them - natives of Thailand.

Earlier the trouble concerning renewal of acts of violence in Gaza Strip and southern Israel have expressed the USA which have called the parties to the world.

We sharply denounce rocket bombardment of southern Israel by terrorists from Gaza which last days has excessively amplified, - has declared V.Nuland in Washington. - we call responsible for these acts immediate to stop these cowardly certificates .

We regret for victims and wounded men and we urge to use the best efforts both parties for restoration of peace - has added the representative gosdepa.