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ICANN have allowed to operate the Internet still half a year

National administration of the USA on telecommunications and the information (NTIA) while has allowed corporations ICANN to regulate address space of the Internet. Experts are assured that it remains the chief manager of domain names and further.

It is necessary to tell that while such permission is given out as an exception on the nearest half a year, that is till September, 30th, 2012. We will remind the historical background. For administration of space IP - addresses noncommercial organisation IANA on a global scale responds. On a contract basis to it operates ICANN. In turn, conditions of this contract are defined by national administration of the USA on telecommunications and the information. In the end of 2011 she declared the tender for updating of this contract. In spite of the fact that all participants of the market assumed that ICANN will easy win it, in NTIA recognised competition not taken place.

the Reason in department explained that any of participants of the tender could not execute enough serious requirements global the Internet - communities. The financial transparency of the company and branch are included in the list of such requirements the Internet - a regulator from the operating organisation, for example.

Competitors at ICANN are not present, so the corporation will continue the activity and after September, 30th - the director of the Coordination Center of the national domain of a network considers the Internet Andrey Kolesnikov. As he said, delays, from - for which the tender has been declared by not taken place, have purely administrative, bureaucratic character and will not prevent to come, eventually, to the agreement between ICANN and NTIA. On the other hand, theoretically any serious provider of a world class could carry out function of the manager. But requirements to it are put such that in this role the American organisation " can act only; - Kolesnikov has told.

we Will notice that in NTIA soon plans to repeat the tender for management IANA. However exact terms of carrying out yet are not called.