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The main newspaper of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea has buried the South Korean president

the Official publication of Labour party of the North Korea the newspaper Nodon Sinmun has informed about the Leah hearings concerning death of the South Korean president Maine of the Tank . The Leah

If to reject unflattering and rather rigid epithets apropos Maine of the Tank, Nodon Sinmun in number for March, 11th notices that from someone hearings " have gone; about death of the president of South Korea. The newspaper underlines that these hearings have already extended on all areas Democratic People`s Republic of Korea. The edition recognises that about an origin of hearings it is impossible to learn, but in newspaper edition plural calls from citizens of the North Korea who would like to confirm pleasant news " arrive;.

South Korean mass-media mark, the Leah that official publications of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea have fallen recently with furious criticism personally upon Maine of the Tank. So, recently on the central television of the North Korea video chronicle shots on which North Korean soldiers practised in shooting on targets on which it has been written " have been shown; the Leah Maine the Tank or the person of the South Korean leader is represented.

South Korean experts consider that Pyongyang goes on such steps with a view of rallying of the people under the direction of the new leader Kim Chen Yna.

concerning any hearings for the sake of justice it is necessary to note, as in mass-media of South Korea and Japan too often there are any doubtful messages on a situation in Democratic People`s Republic of Korea, including similar hearings about death of representatives of the top management of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea or attempts at their lives.