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Vladimir Solovev: At us not dictatorship, and the official feudalism

TV presenter Vladimir Solovev in the transfer in the night from the fourth for March, fifth the first has listened to opinions of 200 persons on just ended presidential elections of Russia.

He spoke and with leaders of the lost parties, and with the leader of oppositional radio, and with the moderate political scientist, and with the western expert. In interview again has tried to be over fight .

How much this night at you has visited visitors?

Vladimir Solovev: only the head of the program Precisely knows. On my sensations the person 200 if it is no more.

If to summarise all opinions which you managed to listen, as though you have answered a question: where Russia will go further?

Vladimir Solovev: it is obvious that on road of changes. All my visitors, to whatever political position they adhered, said that before the new president there is a problem of consolidation of the country. And this consolidating moment is comprehension of necessity of changes.

From your point of view how now will lead defeated?

Vladimir Solovev: It is the most important question. Because in a society there is a weariness from the political fights which have begun with the Duma campaign. At the same time before four years the flywheel of reforms and expectation of changes was warmed up.

And together with a negative of which has been poured out much both on the areas, and on pages of newspapers, and in aethers, explosive enough mix was created. Therefore it is necessary for the power, as in classical experiences on the physicist, to give additional volume that the effect of a pressure cooker was not gained. It is necessary to exhaust not simply, and to give the chance to occurrence of new quality.

For this purpose it is necessary to move on road of reforms by the rates advancing even wishes of the most radical opposition.

But it there should be constructive changes, instead of destructive.

it is Not enough of someone to dismiss, someone to send in resignation. It agree, news about resignation of Darkina in time has come, but it is not enough of it. In a society there are moods of discontent with personnel selection, a certain stagnation.

It needs a breath of fresh air and new faces. Not casually phenomenon of these elections is Prokhorov`s phenomenon.

After all it is clear that voices are given not so much Michael Dmitrievichu, how much the new person in the politician. It has collected to itself(himself) not only protest voices, not only voices for those candidates who could not leave for various reasons on a launching site (for example, Javlinsky), but also simply voices of those who was tired of an irremovability of a political picture.

you have told about a breath of fresh air. It is especially necessary in the small cities which have been kept away from the centres of political life where completely not democratic laws correct...

Vladimir Solovev: very well to myself I represent, than the power irremovability at all levels is fraught. After all many our citizens fondly consider that if where - that there are infringements, for example, on elections where - that state employees drive on meetings it occurs on a direct pointer from above. Logic of infringements absolutely other.

the Small official who above all is afraid to lose the lucrative job, is ready to make everything to report upward, to fall in love already before consciousness loss, to tell: See, what I approximate, at me evono how much have voted for the candidate of the power .

For this purpose it will go on any meanness. Casting a shade on the candidate from the power, which such help is completely not necessary.

But is not only Small officials but also small teachers and doctors which forced to participate in meetings. It is clear that in a case rebellion they hardly will find work in small cities, and it is necessary to feed children...

Vladimir Solovev: About it too spoke in the night after elections. I consider that it is necessary to struggle for the rights.

it is indisputable, to do it in a province very difficult, but it is necessary to leave on level of regional or federal mass-media... When the person starts to defend the position, there is a civil society. If you reconcile, finally receive that has merited the humility.

And it at all christian virtue display, and display of weakness of thy character.

We want, that democracy has come to us as a god-send and so does not happen. For it it is necessary to struggle. Ridiculously to demand that now the power becomes good and we there and then will receive everything that we want.

let speak directly, our power not from 90 - h years and at all from 80 - h. In what error of many shouting on Marsh and Saharova? They accuse in all an United Russia but do not understand that officials ancient, more deeply and more terribly, than any party.

And not the party corrects officials, and the officials crush under itself party. These are special clans which create absolutely other reality on places. And above can speak about any changes, people from below can dream of them, but bottom and the officials middle tier speaks: you this delirium leave, at us the life .

By and large in our country not party dictatorship, not class, namely the official feudalism where people frequently are in a direct serfdom from small chinovnichka.

Unfortunately, and people understand that on each official Putin whom all will arrive also razrulit will not be. From your point of view what the opposition will do further?

Vladimir Solovev: the Problem of not system opposition that the people leaving on the area, any areas, from Marsh to Poklonnoj, do not recognise the people standing on tribunes, the unconditional leaders. Yes, at Kurginjana, Leonteva, Prokhanov, Nemtsov, Udaltsova is the fans - admirers, but them on the areas minority.

it is obvious that in Russia now huge crisis of ideas. Therefore and crisis of new faces. And even those persons who to us move as new, those are not.

And on Marsh there was a wild quantity were which 12 flounder about years in the politician, passing from party in party. To tell, for example, let`s struggle with corruption it is yet political, very little, and it is exact not the economic program. The opposition is on an intellectual bank. It is necessary for it to understand that it unites, except hatred to Putin. In this sense while it seems to me that there is some future at Prokhorov`s project. He at least began to speak about a party creation by absolutely new principle. Now it is fashionable to name it kraudsorsing. Association not by a principle of personal fidelity to the leader.

And after all so all modern parties, since " are arranged; an United Russia and finishing limonovskoj. They in the XXI-st century any more do not work, glitch. It is curious that from large parties though on any updating has gone only an United Russia having tried to spend prajmeriz. The others at all zamorachivalis.

Why people have a sensation, what all our parties are torn off from the people, even what lift on a board in the programs protection of its interests?

Vladimir Solovev: the Destiny of the party functionary or the deputy does not depend on how people concern them.

After all voters vote for the party list, for how much love or do not love the party leader. To the functionary the main thing to get to the list in correct a city on correct a place. Also there will be all in chocolate. Therefore deputies protect interests not voters, and the leader. As it turns out that parties are torn off from the people.

For this reason when there is presidential election, the people with much bigger hunting vote not for party candidates, and for those whom it directly does not connect with one of parties.

For this reason Putin has collected much more votes, than an United Russia In elections to Duma. The last half a year it meaningly separated from ER . For Prokhorov too nobody stood. All other candidates have acted not so brightly, as their parties. Except Gennady Andreevicha Zyuganov, at which rigid electorate which has settled for much years.

As it seems to you, after elections the opposition became more solid?

Vladimir Solovev: It very separated. There are oppositionists who live on the western curves. And when these programs start to give failure, wild disorder begins.

Judge for yourself: on December, 4th, Sunday, elections. 5 - go - the authorised meeting, and then unapproved attempt of break. OMON. 15 days. After that indignation of the Marsh area, then - Saharova. Presidential election - the same scenario repeats. Sunday - elections. Monday - the authorised part. Then unapproved with break attempt. OMON. Also what? 10 - go following Marsh? And the people if understood that " earlier; at one have stolen, another have added as it was accepted to speak during elections to Duma, now does not understand, between whom a competition.

Where that the second for the sake of which it is necessary to go to die on a Maidan? At us at all that situation which was in Ukraine when there was the smallest rupture between two candidates.

Besides blow on nesistemshchikam has put the American establishment with Europeans who recognised presidential elections taken place.

Also what further to do oppositions? To arrange a hysterics in style of Udaltsova or to shout nonsenses with Boris Moiseyev`s intonation how it does mese Navalnyj? But for same there is no movement. Also that yesterday it was clear and cool today looks repeatedly and is not so interesting. Give the following!

the Member of organising committee on the meeting organisation on February, 4th Yury Saprykin, the person respected by opposition, has written recently that the protest social base has rested against the ceiling . And who represents this base?

Vladimir Solovev: Those who has christened itself(himself) a creative class. It is absolutely separate of the majority it is Moscow - a Petersburg layer of people which as it is strange, work in the companies or state institutions and well live only thanks to corruption.

They, of course, feel a certain awkwardness and fault for the happiness, for the prosperity. He/she is any Moscow official and simultaneously friend Romana Arkadevicha Abramovich.

And it leaves on Marsh to protest. Against what? Against itself, a leah that? As unter - the officer widow, which has flogged itself.

Well, well, give, every morning wake up and beat itself on cheeks with shout: How I could, how I could? when you will get accustomed to everyone, you will see: this hardly - hardly steals, that hardly - hardly plunders, the third hardly - hardly korruptsioner, hardly - hardly to the GAI officer gives, hardly - hardly on work recoils palms off.

But on meeting all behave, as small children: harm is not I, he/she is mine the neighbour. To them starts to seem that Manezhnaja and Marsh is such indulgence. And tomorrow it is possible to come to work and continue to live as. Speak about fair elections but do not remember legitimacy and legality.

It turns out, when at you the oncology and a metastasis makes the way a heat-spot on the person, you try to cover only it more densely.

Shout: Clean Churova! And at what here it? It is necessary to reconsider the device of our life, since the Constitution of 1993.

Before you for a night after elections has passed more than 200 persons. At them dialogue has turned out? It seemed to much that is not present.

Vladimir Solovev: it seems To me that dialogue was. The most weighed position was sounded by the head of fraction an United Russia and vitse - the speaker of the State Duma Andrey Vorobev who has invited oppositionists to the Duma sessions.

However, some representatives nesistemshchikov really behaved, as the offended boys which it was suddenly thought that they force. A leah

Is able to hear liberal intelligency other point of view?

Vladimir Solovev: Unfortunately, me it seemed that to hear and listen to desires is not present. For this reason those who has gathered on Pushkin, have lost.

Have lost first of all stilisticheski. Because, when you start to offend, squeal, use foul language and isterit it becomes clear that you at all Gandi. After all victory of the Indian people under leadership of outstanding Mahatma has occurred first of all because on their party there was a moral truth.

How the power was not right, it does not grant the opposition right to compete in roughness and nasty thing of expressions.

And in power there is a hearing on another`s opinion?

Vladimir Solovev: Differently Medvedev would not meet representatives of not system opposition.

And the won candidate has invited them to a meeting. Meanwhile now any peregovorshchiki also are not necessary. Because there are media glades where any dialogue is possible.

President Medvedev has disposed to prepare a package of documents on change of the party legislation. The power has heard opposition.

However, it does not mean that it should react to any barrackings. Reaction should follow only when it is adequate to the law.

As you think, a leah threatens the power nakruchivanie delight following the results of elections?

Vladimir Solovev: Certainly. And this most terrible. Now there will be such quantity fathers of victory which will tell, how they ingeniously have thought up all, as they fine have made all and giving thanks to it to such high percent at Vladimir Vladimirovicha! Very well, and therefore it is not necessary any updatings, the people you and so loves . Very dangerously for the power to hear these voices of courtiers and in all to believe.

And crackdown does not threaten us?

Vladimir Solovev: Crackdown, strangely enough, meanwhile contradicts Putin`s all logic - the person and the governor. Yes, there is such stereotype: Putin - the colonel of KGB, therefore now will be and - I - jaj! . But look: All who shouts about a bloody mode, about political repressions, do it not on plank beds in barracks of Magadan, and on the areas and in radio studios in the centre of Moscow. Therefore, politely speaking, much more the people suffers affliction now from a wild impudent arbitrariness of miscarriages of justice and militian corruption repartition of the property, instead of from political prosecutions. What quantity of people is in the Russian prisons and in pre-trial detention centres on absolutely commercial charges if only to select their property! Them it will be typed on one area of Saharova. Somebody will think Of their destiny?

I consider as the big error Marsh and Saharova the list of political prisoners given to the president. It more than doubtful. It is impossible so to abuse trust of people and to include in such lists vzryvnikov, terrorists, murderers...

Somebody has surprised you with the statements during an aether?

Vladimir Solovev: I too well know the dear visitors and their position to be surprised. Probably, hardly - hardly Zhirinovsky. When it acted on final transfer, was much less radical, than during debate. Has calmed down, a leah that.

That there was most constructive of heard by you in the night after elections?

Vladimir Solovev: the Most constructive has been heard by me on Friday during the transfer devoted to display the White Guard . When the character who was played by actor Guskov, speaks: Listen, listen... it eleven times it onEchoed furious crowd. It, perhaps, most important and now. Also it seems that gradually people start to hear each other.

This process not fast, very difficult, the little is possible to achieve result - abilities to listen each other. And to understand that it not simply search of the compromise, is search, maybe, the only thing, difficult, a difficult way, having stepped on which it is possible to rescue the Native land from disorder, the people from extinction. And to lead the country to a happy new image in which there is no corruption place in which there is no place to the official lawlessness and there is an understanding that it is necessary to do that Russia lived as the great, democratic, free state.

the File

Vladimir Rudolfovich Solovev was born on October, 20th, 1963 in Moscow. The Russian journalist, a body - and the presenter, the publicist and the public figure. Was the leader of teledebates between candidates for presidents of Russia.

Since the second class studied in elite special school N 27 with studying of some subjects in English together with children and grandsons of members of the Central Committee of the CPSU, diplomats, etc. Was engaged in football and karate.

the Moscow institute of a steel and alloys has finished with the red diploma. Has finished postgraduate study of Institute of world economy and the international relations AN the USSR. Has defended the dissertation on a subject the Basic tendencies of manufacture of new materials and factors of efficiency of their use in the industry of the USA and Japan also has received a rank of Cand.Econ.Sci. Till 1990 taught physics, mathematics and astronomy at native school. Since 1990 taught economy at university of the State of Alabama.

In 1992 has returned to Russia, was engaged in business. Had agency on employment in Moscow. From July, 10th, 1998 till July, 2010 the leader of morning show solovinye trills on radio station the Silver rain . Since September on radio to Conduct - FM conducts transfer Full Contact with Anna the Saffron in Tvittere.

the Leader of television programs Actual interview Passions on Solovevu (TNT, 1999 - 2001). A current - show Process (together with Alexander Gordon, ORT, 1999 - 2001). Documentary supervision the Breakfast with Solovevym (TV - 6, TVS 2001 - 2003). The musical program solovinaja night (TV - 6, 2001 - 2002). Actual interview Look, who has come! (TVS, 2002 - 2003). A current - show Duel (TVS, 2003). Documentary supervision Orange juice (NTV, 2003). Analytical a current - show Sunday evening with Vladimir Solovevym (NTV, 2005 - 2008). A current - show To a barrier! (NTV, 2003 - 2009). A current - show the Duel (Russia - 1, with 2010).

Vladimir Solovev the author of books: the Gospel Solovyova (2005, it is republished in 2007 - Russian roulette (2006), We and They. A survival short course in Russia (2007), the Apocalypse from Vladimir (2007), Putin. The guidebook for not indifferent (2008), Second coming Chronicles (2008), Opposition: Russia - the USA (in the co-authorship with Nikolay Zlobinym, 2009), We - Russian! With us God! (2009), Putin - Medvedev. What further? (in the co-authorship with Nikolay Zlobinym) (2010), 1001 question on the past, the present and the future of Russia (2010), corruption Empire. Territory of Russian national game (2012), etc.

the Photo: RIA Novosti news agency