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The head of Ministry of culture has told to Putin about problems of the Pushkin museum

In the near future the prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin will meet museum workers.

Questions for discussion much, the minister of culture Alexander Avdeev has informed the chairman of the government, but has added, as about good it is necessary to talk. After all, despite crisis, restoration did not stop. In total for three years museums have grown on 43 thousand in sq. m, and the number of visitors has increased by 2,5 million persons, and among visitors it is a lot of youth.

Hermitage museums Extend, reconstruction of the Pushkin museum begins, Avdeev has listed. Outside of Moscow and St.-Petersburg museum life too is not necessary on a place. As an example the minister has resulted a weapon museum in Tula, very interesting from the architectural point of view - it is built in the form of a helmet.

- Now governors understand that qualitative life in regions will not be, if the provincial museum does not develop. And, judging by my trips, the majority of governors not only helps museums, but also is active visitors in museums though there are also exceptions, - Avdeev has shared impressions.

One of the best museums of the country, according to the minister of culture, becomes military - historical reserve the Prohorovsky field . Reconstruction of museums in Vladikavkaz, " proceeds; Tsarskoje Selo Saransk.

- there can not be a great country without the big museum of the modern art. At us in Moscow it is not present, - Avdeev has passed to capital and has reminded that the project of a huge building is ready, the governmental order is signed, even money is allocated, and now the Moscow authorities search for a suitable platform.

- It is necessary to finish all disputes round reconstruction of the Pushkin museum, - the prime minister has said. Avdeev has reported that the project is exposed on the Internet and opinions in its occasion much. In reply to it Putin has asked to listen to opinion of museum workers: it is not necessary to waste time on trifles here and it is necessary to make so that it was convenient to people to work .

the Minister has told and about how there is a restoration of the Big drama theatre of a name Tovstonogova (Big Drama Theatre) - at full speed .

- It has appeared that the decision on Big Drama Theatre reconstruction was accepted not simply correctly, and in time. And amount of works there much more, than we assumed earlier because has rotted through all - from the base to walls, cracks big, - he has reported. According to Avdeev, it is required 3 more mlrd roubles and then in December all will be already ready.

- Well, for such theatre we will find, of course, money, - Putin has nodded.

Still the head of the government has met the governor of Kareliya Andrey Nelidovym. That has told, how the republic managed to achieve a record gain of quantity of the handed over habitation - more than for 50 percent in comparison with last year. nelidov named one more achievement of local authorities - apartments in new buildings stand hardly more 34 thousand roubles for square metre (when the program began, the price was not less 45 thousand). Besides, citizens have a possibility to take a mortgage under 10 percent for 10 years.

Nelidov also has thanked the prime minister for timely commissions on gasification of republic and has told about the project on tourism development - Spiritual transfiguration of the North .


Becoming the president, Vladimir Putin will operate under the accurate plan. the first term is there was a resuscitation of the country, the second term is there was a country rehabilitation, and physical and spiritual development of the country - its economy and everything, all areas " now will begin; - has declared a press - the secretary of premieres - the minister Dmitry Peskov on the First channel. As he said, Putin fine knows, where it goes that, as, when and with whom will do.