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Elena Isinbaeva has brought Russia the first gold on CHM in Istanbul

Yesterday in Istanbul the World championship on track and field athletics in the closed premises has come to the end. Russian national team in informal command offset has taken the fifth place. On the bill of the Russian athletes ten medals, from which only one higher test - it on Elena Isinbaevoj`s bill.

Certainly, Isinbaeva has arrived to Istanbul the favourite. Also that what she did not win very long ago large tournaments since triumphal 2008 for herself? On the eve of the World championship Lena has proved that it rather early have written off - our two-multiple Olympic champion has established the 28 world record - having flied up in Stockholm on 5 metres and 1 centimetre!

On the eve of start on coast of Bosporus Lena was extremely laconic, however nevertheless admitted to persevering journalists that was tired of failures and intends to remind this year of itself:

- Frankly speaking, will suffice already to be upset most and admirers to injure! I count only on victory. Other result it is not necessary for me.

And actually to receive the next champion title, Isinbaevoj had appeared sufficient to make only two jumps - on 4 metres of 70 centimetres and 4,80. More anybody from competitors to come nearer to our tonic could not. The individual celebration has turned out such here. Certainly, supported by a hall, tried Isinbaeva to subdue the next world achievement, however a lath at height of 5 metres of 2 centimetres all - taki has resisted. well not everyone put records to beat! As - nibud another time! -   the happy winner after end of competitions has smiled.

- Lena, admit, victories have missed?

Elena Isinbaeva: Well, is faster on the big victories. It was very important to me to receive this title. Here business in psychology. I am happy that at me all again began to turn out! I hope that this year at me all will go not worse than on last starts.

- Well and the basic emphasis will be on the Olympic Games in London?

Elena Isinbaeva: Certainly, and I carefully prepare. London is the main start of a season and I will try to approach to it in the best form.

We have the right were to wait for victories and from the Russian masters of high jumps. Children tried, however Andrey Silnov remained with sereborom, and Ivan Ukhov with bronze.

Ukhov has shown result of 2 metres of 31 centimetre, Silnov - 2,33 no less than the winner - Greek Dimitrios Chondrokukis. But here disappointment, representative Ellady has made it from the first attempt, and Silnov with the second that as a result costed gold ...

despite the big expectations, the sportswoman, the beauty and the graduate of university Darya Klishina could not please with medals of the admirers. It became the fourth in broad jumps with result of 6,85 m. According to Darya, she is very discouraged by the shown result. After Istanbul Klishina intends to take a small break on reboot - and then will start to prepare actively for the championship of Russia and the Olympic games in London.

In relay race 4 on 400 metres we Julia Guschin, Xenia Ustalova, Marina Karaushchenko and Alexander Fedoriva have won bronze, having shown time 3. 29,55. Champions of a steel of the representative of modular Great Britain, outstripped Americans for 0,03 seconds.

we Will remind that earlier silver in sector on high jumps at women has earned Anna Chicherova, Alexander Fedoriva there was the second in run on 400 metres, Artem Lukyanenko became the bronze prize-winner in heptathlon, Alexander Menkov remained on the third step of a pedestal in sector on broad jumps, and Ljukman Adams has won one more bronze medal in a threefold jump.

By the way, Chicherovoj it is necessary to tell about result separately. well that I can make! It was sick very much, and weather completely not flight has happened today, here from here and result - here so has capaciously commented on the silver Anna. I will notice that for the first time in history the world championships silver has got at once to three sportswomen. Except Chicherovoj of 95 centimetres of 1 metre took Italian Antoinette Di Martino and Swede Ebba Jungmark. Well, and gold has left in the USA. Shante Law - unique who could jump on 1 metre and 98 centimetres. Hardly having recovered the breath, Anna admitted to the correspondent that in Istanbul it acted with a trauma:

- soul I will not bend - literally for couple of days to the World championship at me the sciatic nerve has inflamed. Certainly, it has affected total result. Taking into account all these nuances, on gold it would be too courageous to count... There was no victory, but a silver medal it too result!

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the total table of medals

the Country Gold Silver Bronze All
the USA 9 3 5 17
Great Britain 3 2 4 9
Ethiopia 2 1 2 5
Kenya 2 1 1 4
Russia 1 3 6 10