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Inhabitants of Taiwan protest against atomic engineering development

In cities of Taiwan will pass protest actions against the atomic engineering, the earthquakes dated for anniversary in Japan. On it informs ITAR - TASS.

About 10 thousand persons leave today on streets of Taipei, Kaohsiung and other Taiwan cities in protest at atomic engineering use. Organizers of the action Farewell, atomic energy dated by first anniversary of destructive earthquake and tsunami in Japan, speak about importance to remember a lesson which became failure on the atomic power station Fukushima - 1 for the whole world.

Representatives almost 100 public organisations of Taiwan achieve a conclusion from operation of three nuclear stations operating on island and a stop of building of the fourth atomic power station. All these objects are in seismically dangerous areas at coast.

One more requirement of demonstrators - to clean burial places of a nuclear waste from a picturesque Pacific islet of Lanjuj (island of Orchids), located in 80 km from a coastal line on jugo - the east of Taiwan.

From its part, power corporation Tajpauer (Taipower) declared carrying out of the most careful checks of a status of objects of atomic engineering. All Taiwan stations as the company - the operator in connection with an anniversary of Japanese tragedy has underlined, are recognised by safe and responding the international standards.

we Will remind, on March, 11th, 2011 the tremor in magnitude 9,0 has led to numerous destructions and has called a wave of the tsunami, reaching 40 metres in height. The elements have destroyed the whole cities, having taken away lives more than 15 thousand persons, having left more than 350 thousand Japanese without a roof over the head, and also have called failure on the atomic power station Fukushima - 1 Which, in turn, has led to pollution of extensive territories by radioactive substances. From - for radiation emission only from 20 - a kilometre zone round station it was necessary to evacuate about 80 thousand persons.