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Bulgaria has paid off with debts on the Transbalkan oil pipeline

Bulgaria has paid off with debts for participation in the project of the Transbalkan oil pipeline. Now this country can leave completely the project and as a result it will be closed, experts consider.

that Bulgaria has completely liquidated a debt in 1,6 million euro before the Russian partners in the civil-engineering design of the Transbalkan oil pipeline Burgas - Aleksandrupolis the Minister of Finance of the country Simeon Djankov has declared. On it informs the Sofia News agency Novinite.

we Will remind that the intergovernmental agreement of Bulgaria, Greece and Russia on oil pipeline building has been signed on March, 15th, 2007 in Athenes. It was supposed that on this pipe power resources could go straight to the Balkan consumers, passing territory of Turkey. 51 percent of shares in it belongs to Russia, the rest was divided among themselves by Athenes and Sofia. Bulgaria has paid the payment for participation in the project for 2008 - 2011. But still in the end of the last year the country has declared an exit from the project. Thus it still had debts against the Russian partners, formed during preliminary financing of the oil pipeline. Now it is extinguished. And the country has acquired to leave right officially from the project, considers   Simeon Djankov.

Responsibility that the pipeline project does not manage to be realised, and it will be hardly realised now, bodily lies to Bulgaria, the president of Institute of power and the finance Vladimir Feygin has declared. certainly, there are also other variants of detour of this country, for example, through the Balkan states or Turkey. But these routes are longer and consequently are more expensive - he has noted. At the same time Feygin considers that for Russia refusal of building of the pipeline has no basic value, unlike Turkey which has been disturbed by congestion of passages Bosporuss and Dardanelless. however if while this state in any way has not expressed the concern a situation then that it not so is critical as it seems - he has assumed.

However, it is put or not a point in payment of the Bulgarian debt while to speak early. Supervisory board session is appointed To March, 13th under the project of the Transbalkan oil pipeline. On it one of participants of the project with   the Russian side - the company Transneft - intend to bring up in front of Bulgaria a question on additional financial compensation as payment of a debt does not consider material and reputatsionnogo a damage for the company.