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Minpromtorg will support weavers in the regions working on gosoboronzakaz

of Factory which will carry out gosoboronzakaz, can oblige to sew military ammunition from domestic fabrics. Minpromtorg has prepared the project of the governmental order which provides this condition, the director of department wood and light industry of the ministry Michael Klinov has informed journalists.

While it is a question of woollen and half-woollen fabrics, but in the long term this condition of tailoring for military men is supposed to be extended to a clap, flax, a skin, fur. Klinov has added that the offered innovative domestic textiles are quite competitive.

Now winners of competitions gosoboronzakaza have the right to choose suppliers of raw materials and a fabric at own discretion, including abroad, for example in China. And to take in partners of the one who will offer the least price to anybody thus without reporting. And, happens, manufacturers of regimentals scorn requirements on firmness, hygroscopicity, terms socks. the domestic materials developed branch scientifically - research institutes within the limits of the project Textiles and let out at domestic factories, non-polluting, inexpensive, high-quality - Klinov assures. He also has informed that the governmental order project minpromtorg has already discussed with vitse - prime minister Dmitry Rogozin and representatives of the Minister of Defence. The document is co-ordinated with minekonomrazvitija and FAS. In minoborone have in turn suggested to create the special Register of the enterprises of light industry for performance gosoboronzakaza. To get to the Register, factories should pass technical audit of manufacture of a full cycle, raw materials and finished goods examination to exclude any frauds. For example, import of half-finished products or ready foreign fabrics and their sale under the pretext of the domestic. According to Michael Klinova to conduct such Register of the authorised enterprises it is possible with participation of the interdepartmental commission, the self-adjustable organisations and branch experts. If the decision is accepted to create such Register it will be possible not earlier than 2013, Klinov has told.

While on the agenda it is necessary - to provide a problem with the guaranteed participation in gosoboronzakaze home producers - sherstjanshchikov. These are five conducting kamvolnyh industrial complexes from Bryansk, Pavlovsk Posada, Tyumen, Ekaterinburg for which quality of production minpromtorg warrants. the constant stable state order will help to save these strategically important enterprises for the country which in the conditions of the WTO quickly to be reoriented on release of other production especially difficult - Klinov has explained. As a whole threats of that branch with Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization Will in one stage fail no. If export grants of the enterprises of light industry on the eve of accession to WTO are cancelled, state grant volumes under credits for modernisation will grow, most likely. It is planned to expand the list of the equipment imported into Russia without duties, without the VAT. In total for support of the enterprises of light industry in 2012 from the federal budget it is allocated 0,5 billion roubles, as much, how much last year.