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Medvedev has charged to double a stream of tourists to Russia

Russia in a status to double a tourist stream and aloud to rise from 59 places with which it occupies now on this indicator in the world, at meeting the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has told about prospects of development of tourist branch.

the Head of the state has let know that is not satisfied by how the industry develops, having referred thus to estimations of foreign experts.

On realisation of tourist potential, according to the international experts we are, unfortunately, on 59 place. And, all of us - taki should understand that such Russia... Annually to us comes no more than 2 million foreign tourists thus that we the greatest on territory the country on a planet - he has noted.

Russia has all necessary possibilities to correct a situation, the president is convinced.

We have base preconditions for growth of a tourist stream. According to the World tourist organisation, Russia can accept annually not less than 70 million Russian and foreign tourists. For comparison: now to Russia come 2 million foreigners a year, and the general tourist stream in 2011 has made an order of 37 million persons. That is it can be increased a minimum in 2 times - Medvedev has told.