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Israel has put new aviablow across Gaza Strip

the Israeli Air Forces have put on Sunday a new series of blows on prospective positions of the Palestinian insurgents in Gaza Strip, inform in the Palestinian service first aid .

Planes have fired at one of quarters in city centre Gaza, and also camp of refugees located in the north of Gaza Strip. As a result, according to the Palestinian physicians, one person was lost.

Thus, during the last days during the Israeli aviablows across Gaza Strip 18 persons were lost already, passes Interfax .

the Israeli military men strike blows to Gaza in reply to starts by the Palestinian insurgents of rockets towards Israel. In Tel - Abib assert that during the last days from territory of Gaza Strip have been started more than 100 rockets and shells, 27 from them are intercepted by the Israeli system of the ABM. As a result of these bombardments in territory of Israel of four persons are wounded, and three from them - natives of Thailand.  

Before premieres - the minister of Israel Binjamin Netanjahu during visit to Washington could not achieve from the USA unconditional support in a case of war with Iran. While the Pentagon still hopes to avoid war, Israel does not consider blow across Iran as a long-term future question. we will not stand with a stop watch and to wait. It is a question not about days or weeks, but also not years - mister Netjanjahu has warned.