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The Hungarian opposition has demanded resignation of the prime minister

Resignation of premieres - the minister of the country Victor Orbana and its government was demanded by participants of the action which has passed on March, 10th before a building of parliament of Hungary. In it have taken part about 6 thousand persons.

the Hungarian oppositional movement " became the Organizer of the given action; Solidarity . Its leader Peter of the Horse, acting during the action, has declared that the government led by Orbanom should be it is as soon as possible discharged of the power as a result of elections . Parliamentary elections in Hungary should take place in 2014.

As informs RIA Novosti news agency, popularity of party in power Fides which in 2010 on parliamentary elections of Hungary has received overwhelming majority of voices, now has decreased to 25 percent. It has occurred after acceptance of some the unpopular laws initiated by party in power, including the law on independence of the Hungarian Central bank and the law on mass media. According to opponents of the operating government, these laws contribute in destruction of democratic values .