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Introduction of new excise stamps on import alcohol will be postponed for three months

by New samples of excise stamps on the alcohol imported from - for a boundary to Russia, customs officers will start to give out not since July, 1st, 2012 as it has been planned, and since October, 1st.

Thus, to business the transient period is given to sell stocks of alcohol with old stamps and to buy the new. The project of amendments is published yesterday on site FTS.

excise stamps of the big sizes will be entered Into a turn (9026 and 6321 mm), printed with the help vysokozashchishchennyh special spectral paints and with new specifying inscriptions: Spirits to 9 % inclusive Spirits from above 9 to 25 % Strong spirits Vodka Sparkling (sparkling) wines Fault grape Fault likernye Fault fruit And Wine drinks . Cost of stamps, accordingly, will grow to 1888 roubles for 1000 pieces without the VAT. It almost on 600 roubles more than now. It is curious that for each category of alcohol of the stamp will paint in different colour scales. For example, the excise stamp Spirits to 9 % - in it is red - green tone, Vodka - in sirenevo - green, Fault likernye - in it is brown - blue.

Detailed elaboration of inscriptions and colours is directed on stopping schemes of frauds at alcohol sale, the director of the Center of researches federal and the regional markets of alcohol Vadim Drobiz has explained. In Ukraine, - it has reminded, - such practice is entered since 2008 and has brought result . And here in 3 months for full replacement of stamps the expert considers a transient period too short. Especially for elite or expensive alcohol which, happens, it is sold not for a year, and not for two. Besides, alcoholic production can hang for a long time in warehouses. It means that suppliers or should be spent repeatedly for new stamps, or to break new rules. The expert considers as adequate transitive term at least half a year. Moreover, Drobiz underlines that in itself change of excise stamps does not lead to the maximum security of alcohol and to decrease in a turn of illegal alcohol. The state, as he said, constantly plays dogonjalki with manufacturers palenki . Including import. to excise stamps already over 20 years, they paste over all bottles, everyone two - three years they change, but the volume of the illegal market of strong alcohol both was, and remains at level 40 - 45 percent - tells Drobiz. Also adds if to count the sum of all excises paid in the budget from vodka and likero - vodka products and to divide into the excise rate it will turn out that on the average considered sales for 45 percent more than vodka volume from which the excise is paid. Thus third of market of strong spirits - substitutes, is added by the expert. In its opinion, with domination of illegal vodka it is necessary to struggle not only constant change of excise stamps, but also by means of a price policy. In Russia in comparison with the developed countries, he underlines, legal alcohol in 5 - 6 times is more expensive in relation to the minimum average salaries.