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Online - translation of a match of the championship of Russia Anzhi - Spartak

Anzhi – Spartak M
the Dynamo
0: 0
the Basic structure

1. Vladimir Gabulov
13. Rasim Tagirbekov
15. Arseny Logashov
22. Christopher Samba
30. Zhuan Carlos
6. Mbark Bussufa
8. ZHusilej
25. Odil Ahmeds
81. Yury Zhirkov
88. Alexey Ivans
99. Samuel It & amp; amp; amp; amp; #039; About

Spare structure

31. Evgenie Pomazan
7. Kamil Agalarov
21. Sharif Muhammad
27. Oleg Shatov
90. Mahach Gadzhiev
10. Shamil Lahijalov
17. Jan Golenda

the Head coach

Guus Hiddink
the Basic structure

31. Andrey Dikan
3. Serhio Rodriguez
15. Sergey Parshivljuk
17. Marek Are dry
34. Evgenie Makeev
6. Rafael Karioka
8. Ejden Makgidi
23. Dmitry Kombarov
25. Dinijar Biljaletdinov
11. Velliton
29. Emmanuel Emenike

Spare structure

32. Artyom Rebrov
19. Markos Roho
16. Demi de Zeuv
24. Cyril Kombarov
27. Alexander Zotov
9. Ari
22. Artyom Dzjuba

the Head coach

Valery Karpin

Statistics of a match
> Red maps
0 Goals 0
8 Blows 9
2 Blows in an alignment 2
4 Angular 2
42 Possession of a ball (%) 58
16 Fouls 22
2 Yellow maps 2
90 + 3 the Match is finished the final whistle Sounds! A natural drawn game with which hardly commands will be happy. The moments were both at owners, and at visitors, however in this match realisation at football players was not at height. To new meetings! Watch our translations!
90 + 2 the Yellow card Golenda has broken through defence of the rival, but instead of blow at once has fallen. The arbitrator has awarded it for it with a yellow card
90 By the basic time of a match it is added three minutes
90 Vellitona have dropped near to the penal. The arbitrator again does not see infringement
86 Zhirkov shot at the goal, but has got to Zhoao Carlos, and from that the ball has departed to a miss
85 Rodri folit on Zhirkove also receives for it a mustard plaster
84 Gadzhiev submitted to the centre spartakovskoj penal - Dikan has taken away a ball
83 Spartak tries to respond something Anzhi . While blows it is red - white do not reach the purpose
81 Have broken rules on Vellitone. Rodri from the penal has started a ball on the Moon
78 Zhirkov has passed on the right flank and has given the verified transfer on Gadzhiev who should punch only precisely. And it just at Mahacha also it has not turned out. The home team of the rival forgives!
77 Mahach Gadzhiev has received a perfect pass and has strongly punched on collars. The ball has got directly in Dikanja
74 Ari has struck from a distant distance - is too inexact
72 Velliton has very dangerously punched a head on collars of Gabulova. Have started spartakovtsy to intercept on the sly the initiative
70 Replacement Double replacement at Anzhi . Bussufa leaves a field. Instead of it there is Jan Golenda. Alexey Ivanov is changed by Mahach Gadzhiev
66 the Perfect moment at visitors! Parshivljuk raked from the right flank. Emenike could not punch and has fallen. Turmoil at gate of Gabulova could end with a goal, however owners nevertheless have beaten off, without having allowed from spartakovtsev to finish anybody an episode
64 the Perfect pass on Vellitona. The Brazilian tried to overturn a ball to itself on a course, but it have brought down. The judge why - that has not reacted to this episode
62 Mahachkalintsy have spent the massed attack the trauma of Dikanja became which result. The goalkeeper Spartaka has faced in air Zhusileem
60 Vellitona have dropped. Penal in 20 metres from gate has not led even to blow
59 Zhirkov on the right flank and Ahmetov on left left on a good position. However Yury could not deliver a ball to Odila
57 Biljaletdinov was mistaken in a midfield. Of a ball football players " have taken hold; Anzhi . Attack of the home team has led to the dangerous moment. Only at the last minute defenders it is red - white could beat out a ball at Eto`O
55 Tribunes of Makhachkala stadium eulogise Eto`O. While the Cameroonian is not swept especially up
53 the Yellow card Zhusilej has roughly played against Kombarova in a midfield and absolutely deservedly was is warned
51 Are dry has closed Bussufa who tried to be in time on a good lumbago. A second later mahachkalintsy have earned the penal. Same Bussufa has punched all in a near corner - by
50 Kombarov has broken on the right flank, has hung on Vellitona, but the Brazilian could not win struggle for a ball on the second floor
48 Good zabros it has turned out at Bussufa in the centre of penal Dikanja. It is a pity only that the lateral judge has fixed ofsajd
47 Anzhi as well as in the beginning of the first time, tries to break through defence of the rival on the right flank
46 the second time Has begun. At Anzhi while replacements are not present
46 Replacement Ari changes Ejdena Makgidi who was not entered in game
45 the Break the Whistle on a break. Spartak a ball, but the quantity of blows in a goal mouth at commands at one level more owns. One absolute moment was at visitors, however its Karpin`s wards could not realise. In the second time all can exchange! While we will have a rest 15 minutes
44 Mahachkalintsy have drawn in Muscovites in the end of the first time. One more korner has come to the end with blow which, however, and has not reached the purpose
43 Karioka sfolil. Anzhi has punched penal which dangerous it is impossible to name. Zabros on a distant bar of the addressee has not found
41 Alexey Ivans hung from the right flank in the centre where in struggle for a ball winners left it is red - white
39 Emenike has punched from apart - is too inexact
37 very well stay operate personally against Eto`O. Only now the Cameroonian could punch, and that the ball has far flown by from gate of Dikanja
34 Karioka Was mistaken, but there and then Ahmeds were given by a ball spartakovtsam
32 the Yellow card the Samba ran in Rodri. The football player Anzhi has earned the prevention for conversations
31 the Yellow card Are dry has driven in Bussufa and has received the prevention
30 Emenike has appeared near to penal Anzhi . The Nigerian tried to be developed and pass further, however defenders of the home team have not allowed attacking to show the skill
28 Zhirkov was torn on flank, but defenders it is red - white have played reliably
26 Makgidi is active on the left flank. Beats one rival behind another. It is a pity that what - go continuations ahead it is impossible
24 At Spartaka one more dangerous moment. Velliton could hammer, if has beaten Gabulova. But the Brazilian has given a pass on the partner which has lost a ball
20 Parshivljuk with infringement of rules stops attack Anzhi . Penal in what has not resulted. And here after next angular Dikanju it is necessary to enter game
18 Bussufa dangerously submitted on the Samba which only hardly - has not reached nearly a ball
16 Biljaletdinova have dropped near to penal Anzhi . Blow of Kombarova was above gate
14 But also mahachkalintsy try to operate sharply, use both short, and long transfers
11 It is red - white have borrowed a ball under the control. However intelligent attacks at visitors do not turn out yet. All diligence spartakovtsev to pass on flanks quickly are stopped
9 One more angular at gate Spartaka it is impossible to bring mahachkalintsam in an active
7 Bucsufa has fine beaten Makgidi in a midfield
6 Spartak has spent shining kontraktaku to which was helped, however, by the defender of the visitors who have given a ball of Vellitonu. The Brazilian has broken in penal, has given perfect transfer on Emenike, however the Nigerian could not punch normally - the ball was without effort taken away by Gabulov
5 Anzhi has earned the penal. ZHirkov submitted, but spartakovtsy have played reliably
4 have very actively begun a meeting mahachkalintsy. Try to put pressure spartakovtsev on all sites of a field. We will look, a leah long so will last
3 Emenike tried to crack defence of the rival on the right flank - without problems have selected at the Nigerian a ball
2 the Ball gets to a hand to one of defenders Spartaka but the referee does not notice this episode
1 And there and then a scoring chance at Anzhi . Bussufa has made the way in penal Dikanja on the left flank and has shot at the goal - angular
1 All is ready to game, the main judge of a meeting Sergey Lapochkin gives a starting whistle! Have gone!
0 Commands leave in the field, the hymn of the Russian Federation
0 At stadium the notice, waits for us very interesting match
0 Since the first minutes in structure Spartaka Rafael Karioka and Ejden Makgidi will play, Dinijar Biljaletdinov this time will be not on flank, and in the half-backs centre
0 Today weather in Makhachkala does not contribute in football. The rain alternately with snow will be reflected in quality of a lawn which, by the way, for March for the present looks very decently
0 Hello, expensive fans of football! We begin our translation!

In a final match 34 - go tour of the championship of Russia over football Makhachkala Anzhi houses of signs Moscow Spartak . At present Guus Hiddink`s command with 55 points takes the seventh place in standings. And here it is red - white are on the fourth position, having in the active of 58 points. Victory in this meeting will allow Spartaku not only to bypass the Dynamo but also to catch up with CSKA.

In the previous tour mahachkalintsy with the minimum bill 1:0 have on a visit beaten dinamovtsev, and Valery Karpin`s command has drawn in Kazan on an uneasy field with the Ruby - 1:1.

In capital of Dagestan for Spartak halfback Alexander Zotov and defender Niko Pareha precisely will not play. Players were not up to the end restored after traumas, therefore have not departed at all with the command on a match. But has left disqualification havbek Rafael Karioka. It is ready to leave in the field from first minutes. At owners all basic football players in a full order. Only defender Ali Gadzhibekov will pass a meeting against Muscovites.

Before game there was a message that the trainer Anzhi Guus Hiddink wants, that in the summer the structure of its command has filled up Nigerian attacking Spartaka Emmanuel Emenike who in 12 matches of this season has hammered in 9 balls. However the head coach it is red - white Valery Karpin has denied this information.

the Dutch trainer mahachkalintsev Guus Hiddink so has commented on a forthcoming meeting with ninefold champions of Russia.  

  I still reflect concerning one - two positions. Possible a trap for us there can be an excessive enthusiasm after victory on departure over the Dynamo . Therefore it is necessary for all football players to observe strictly game discipline - he has declared Sports - to the Express train .

we Will look, a leah can Anzhi Under the direction of Hiddink to win the first house victory. It is necessary to wait not so long.

the Main judge of a meeting appoints Sergey Lapochkin from St.-Petersburg. Game will begin at 19:00 Moscow time.

Online - translation of this meeting will be spent by Yury Zubko.