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To coast of Iran there is the largest aircraft carrier of Naval Forces of the USA

the Aircraft carrier the Enterprise left on Sunday base in Norfolk (State of Virginia), has gone to area of Indian ocean to coast of Iran. On it informs ITAR - TASS referring to the British radio station Bi - bi - si.

It is expected that it will arrive to Arabian sea by March, 20th. In a campaign the Enterprise accompany three eskadronnyh a torpedo boat with cruise missiles onboard and other ships.

the Enterprise is the largest aircraft carrier of the American Naval Forces, and also the first-ever aircraft carrier with a nuclear power-plant. Number of crew the person makes 3 tyschi, 1,8 thousand more - pilots and a housekeeping staff of the aviagroup developed by the ship.

This campaign becomes for the Enterprise the last in its stories as the next 12 months it will be removed from arms.

By the way

Around the Iranian coast already there are aircraft carriers of Naval Forces of the USA Charles Vinson and Avraam Linkoln .