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To airlines of the Russian Federation will forbid to pay quotas on emission of hotbed gases

Russia plans to forbid at legislative level to domestic air carriers to pay the European quotas on emission of hotbed gases, informs ITAR - TASS.

Civil airlines from the beginning of year have appeared are included in system of trade by emissions of hotbed gases of EU. According to the legislation, the airlines using air space of EU, pay issue of hotbed gases from exhausts of plane engines. The companies get quotas on issue by following calculation: 85 percent from volume of transportations of the company in 2010 are given free of charge, and the rest is paid by money. Experts have calculated that the Russian airlines should pay annually to Europe for quotas 20 - 25 million dollars, and further these sums will increase only at the expense of reduction of free quotas and escalating of volumes of transportations.

Is planned to forbid at legislative level to the Russian airlines to pay these quotas - Valery Okulov has declared the deputy minister of transport of Russia during dialogue with journalists. At present this question is studied, the final decision about bill acceptance lies on the State Duma.

we Will remind that in February, 2012 the international conference on questions of decrease in issue of hotbed gases from civil aircraft has taken place. 29 countries, including Russia, have accepted a number of decisions which will counteract the measures entered by Europe on trade in quotas.