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Ministry of Transport intends to toughen requirements to air carriers

fuel Cost today makes half of price of the air ticket. But there are also other costs which are connected with operation of planes and work of the airports. About it yesterday spoke on the expanded board of Federal agency of air transport.

to Lower expenses of airlines for fuel, according to the head of Rosaviation Alexander Neradko, the agency tries to solve by building at the airports not one, and several toplivno - refuelling complexes and creation of the competitive environment.

As to a question of cost prices of manufacturers it is a question of Federal antimonopoly service and Federal Agency of tariffs, Alexander Neradko has told.

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About other factor which influences the ticket price, has told the head of the ministry of transport Igor Levitin. It is a question of operation of new planes of a domestic production. Today they still suffer affliction children`s sores and manufacturers should incur all expenses for completion of planes of new types during their commercial operation, the minister has noted. But, alas, purchase of aircrafts occurs quite often through the leasing companies, here again to agree about inclusion in the contract and costs of preparation of pilots, costs from - for not planned idle time of planes it is not possible. And as a result leaves that training of pilots, for example, on An - 148 costs in Russia more expensively, than in Ukraine.

Also carriers should not incur losses from - that the operator of the airport has closed it as in time has not taken care of purchase of the equipment for putting in order, clearing of snow take-off - a landing strip, Levitin has noted. In contracts on rent of strips which are in the state property, it is necessary to provide possibility of its rupture.

Also Levitin has noticed that it is necessary to change rules of maintenance of the flight validity of aircrafts according to which the developer of the plane should confirm the operational documentation. Today the set of the organisations participates in this process that, on the one hand, allows the developer to divide responsibility with the third parties, and with another - calls considerable additional costs ekspluatantov at passage of procedures. That is for the press on documents of each plane to have to pay to various institutes which at times have no relation to manufacturers and developers. Ministry of Transport suggests the developer to register accurately that should do ekspluatant, and the state, from its part, will supervise performance of works. Thus the minister suggests to give these functions minpromtorgu. In case ekspluatant performs all works, the aircraft automatically should have that resource which was established by the developer. Thus the carrier should do corresponding records under the number documentation of the aircraft. In case it has broken norms, mechanisms of introduction of restrictions on its activity enter, up to a suspension or certificate cancellation ekspluatanta.

Ministry of Transport also plans to develop the new mechanism of the admission of airlines to the international flights. Will estimate them on mark system, and not just on conformity of carriers to six criteria which operate today. The new mechanism of delivery of admissions will concern not only regular, but also charter flights, have specified in Rosaviation.

The voice at distribution of the rights to the international flights will be had also by professional associations, for example - the International association of heads of aviation enterprises. And in the long term to it can give function on delivery of admissions on zagranrejsy. Igor Levitin has reminded that permissions to the international automobile transportations are given out by association, instead of the ministry or federal agency.

Now in department plan to pass delivery of admissions to the international commercial transportations which are the most profitable, from Rosaviation on level of the interdepartmental commission. Representatives of Federal antimonopoly service will enter into it, minekonomrazvitija, other departments also. Most likely, redistribution of powers will be fixed by the order mintransa, have explained to the Russian newspaper in Rosaviation. It is planned to toughen also requirements to carriers, including on park of planes, a regularity of flights and their security.

One more bill which develops mintrans, concerns an interdiction to our carriers to pay ecological quotas to the European Union for emissions of hotbed gases. China has already threatened EU with economic sanctions - the moratorium on purchases of planes of the European manufacture. And the European companies were converted to the authorities to reconsider principles of struggle against hotbed gases as too do not want to bear burden of such tax. The deputy minister of transport Valery Okulov has reminded that Russia insists on the decision of this environmental problem within the limits of International Civil Aviation Organization, instead of locally. After all the ecological tax as more than once wrote, will affect cost of tickets.