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Russia needs 550 litres of a vaccine against furiousness

to Regional officials it is necessary to count house dogs and cats, but also, to find money for building of shelters for homeless animals. Without it to the country not to cope with a problem of furiousness which gets more and more menacing scales, the main state health officer Gennady Onishchenko considers. Its decision on page 24 publishes today.

every year more than 250 thousand persons in Russia are exposed to risk of infection with a virus of furiousness and need special treatment. More often behind the help to doctors inhabitants of the Astrakhan region, republics North Ossetia, Kalmykia, Khakassia, Udmurtiyas, Khabarovsk territory, the Oryol, Samara, Smolensk, Kaluga and Tver areas are converted.

Infection with a furiousness virus can turn back not only feeling sick, but also will end with lethal exod. For last three years 57 persons have died of it. The situation with furiousness is aggravated with that antirabicheskogo an antibody - a preparation which is used for inoculations from furiousness, in Russia is made insufficiently. As the Main state health officer marks, annually it is required to the country about 550 litres of this preparation. The volume which now is issued, in times is less. The sharpness of a problem of infection with furiousness does not decrease, therefore Gennady Onishchenko recommended to regional and local officials to prosecute this subjects seriously.