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Iraq and Libya renew diplomatic relations

Iraq and Libya have made decision to renew diplomatic relations, passes RIA Novosti news agency.

Iraq and Libya have made decision to renew the diplomatic relations which have been broken off in 2003 by Muamarom Kaddafi, the Iraq deputy minister of foreign affairs of Labid Abbaui has declared today. Libya has decided to restore diplomatic relations with us - the deputy minister has told.

Officially it it will be declared in some days after carrying out in Bagdad of the summit of League of the Arabian states which will take place on March, 29th. Purpose of ambassadors will occur even later, has specified Abbaui.

we Will remind that in June, 2003 Libya has broken off diplomatic relations with Iraq and has closed the embassy in Bagdad from - that the USA have refused to recognise diplomatic immunity of employees of a diplomatic mission of Libya. In the beginning of October of last year of premieres - the minister of Iraq Nuri al - Maliki has carried on negotiations with the chairman of Executive committee of Libyan Transitive national board Mahmudom Dzhibrilem on which the arrangement on sending of diplomatic missions has been reached.