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Suspected of road accident fulfilment in the centre of Moscow went without the rights

In capital investigate circumstances of the terrible failure which have happened early in the morning on Friday in the Tver street.

White stains in this history practically are not present. Despite early time, eyewitnesses of incident was enough. All it happens at 5 o`clock 55 minutes. Black Rendzh a Rover with numbers situated near Moscow rushed from the centre towards the area of the Tver Outpost for the speed, according to eyewitnesses, more than 200 km/ ch. It has caught up with the car going in a passing direction Bogdan - 2110 - the version ladovskoj tens let out in Ukraine, - with the Penza numbers. From powerful blow of the three-ton car ten has run away, has taken off with proezzhej parts on sidewalk, has brought down a publicity board at a bus stop and has hit in an apartment house wall.

the Car has turned to a scrap metal heap. Witnesses of incident have rushed on a gain, they managed to take independently through a window passenger Nadezhdu Vernigorovu. It with a head injury have sent in Botkinsky hospital.

Other victims were got by rescuers, preliminary having sawn car remains on a part.

As later in hospital the Hope has told to journalists, it together with the acquaintances Anna and Cyril came back from night club. Cyril has arrived from Helsinki, and Anja - from the Belgorod region. They have got acquainted on the Internet and have decided two days to spend in Moscow. Cyril was a sign with the young man of Hope. It was their last morning in Moscow, in the afternoon they should leave. Leaving club, young men have caught a taxi and have gone home. And on 1 - j Tver - Jamsky with them has caught up Rendzh a Rover .

Anna sat on a forward seat. From a crushing blow she has died on the spot. Cyril in a grave condition is delivered in 36 - ju hospital. The driver who brought up young men, 37 - summer Dmitry Komkov, too in a grave condition is delivered in scientific research institute of Sklifosovsky.

Rendzh a Rover two citizens of Germany have employed. They had a long night program of visitations of night clubs of capital. But night has come to an end, the program has ended, and, it is probable, to deliver to visitors of capital still bolshee pleasure, the driver of a jeep has decided to show, how Russian love fast driving. 200 km at an o`clock on the capital centre! The multiton car as a result of blow has suffered slightly. It is rumpled - and that slightly - only right forward part. Also have effectively worked security pillows. Both the driver, and visitors of capital have rushed from a scene in all directions. However, far to escape it it was not possible. Only one of them has shown sharpness. Villages in the approached trolley bus, has driven one stop, left and has tried to catch a taxi. Here it also took policemen. It was the driver of a jeep Maxim Maksimov 1987 year of birth.

He has started to behave very aggressively both in relation to associates, and in relation to policemen. It was necessary to put on it handcuffs.

Visitors of capital have interrogated on a place and have released. To be converted into medical institution they did not gather, means, on business pass only as witnesses. And here with Maksimovym there was an interesting story. It appears, it operated car being deprived of the rights. Of it have deprived of the rights 11. 05. 2011 to 10. 02. 2013. That is for one year and nine months. Such terms are provided only for management in a state of intoxication or refusal of physical examination.

Refusal of medical survey - very convenient thing for infringers. After all pjanka is an aggravating circumstance and if the person has refused to go to doctors also drunk it is impossible to name it. However in this case to refuse the test to the driver it was not possible. To its doctors delivered under escort. The result of examination while is unknown.

And here the old question again emerges: how nedopustit, that the person deprived of the rights for pjanku, villages again for a wheel? More than once wrote on this subject, listed champions on terms of deprivation of the rights which even arrest for 15 days is not terrible. What is the deprivation of the rights? Have detained a plastic card or zalaminirovannuju a piece of paper. And the car here it, near by. And hundred more gramme to accept for bravery, and no GAI officer is terrible. That is we do not have effective measure, that nedopustit such people to management of car. Probably, legislators should listen to offers which sound today?

And them it is enough. Today deputies seriously discuss possibility of confiscation of the car at the deprived right of management. But it is a question of relapse. That is to confiscate the car it is offered at the person whom have deprived of the rights, and it during term of deprivation of villages for a wheel. It is literally in the near future this question it will be lifted at session of profile committee of the State Duma. However confiscation dangerous enough tool. The car can belong to other person, and bezpravnyj the driver to operate it by proxy. On the other hand, the person, passing the property by proxy, should realise, to whom it passes it and than it for it can turn back.

There is an offer to enter for similar repeated infringements and a criminal liability.