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In Moscow works on a complex accomplishment of court yard

have begun As the head of a complex of municipal economy Peter Birjukov, from 12 thousand the domestic territories needing illumination has reported at operative meeting at the capital town governor zammera Moscow, half will receive it this year. And, as has underlined Unsociable persons, it will be made till October, 1st.

Now 2 thousand court yard together with nurseries and athletic fields are already ready to competitions in which course contract organisations for works will be picked up.

Simultaneously there is a preparation and for a complex accomplishment of 7,5 thousand court yard. Projects of forthcoming works are co-ordinated not only with seniors on houses, but also all inhabitants. Already works on April, 15th will begin. Meanwhile in 20 percent of entrances of work have already begun.

In turn mayor Sergey Sobjanin has demanded within two weeks to publish the plan of forthcoming works for an information portal Our city that Muscovites knew that kommunalshchiki are going to do in their house.