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In Moscow the exhibition dated by anniversary FSO

Yesterday FSO together with the State archive has opened have opened an exhibition the State protection of Russia. History and the present. 130 years . Today it will accept the first visitors.

- 130 years, of course, very young age for the state protection, - specifies deputy director FSO - stats - secretary Victor Tarasov. - Actually roots of our service are deeper.

the First persons of the state protected always, but present FSO emperor Alexander III has started to create a distant prototype. Being expressed by the modern language, the empire then was decapitated by suicide bombers, in a role present Al - Kaidy insurgents " acted; National will which in the spring of 1881 have mortally wounded the emperor - reformer Alexander II. In half a year have generated the special service first in national history in which all employees - from the secret agent to the personal cook of the emperor - submitted to one person. The first head FSO a XIX-th century there was a general - major Peter Cherevin. Among founding fathers of special service Alexander III who personally confirmed states of the protection appears also, established the salary and appointed sotspaket to heads where departure on treatment abroad entered even.

Superconfidential when - that drawings of masking of the Moscow Kremlin, documents from spetshranov, rare photos, the weapon and a special equipment are exposed in Showroom of federal archives (Big Pirogovsky, 17). An input - free and free, but at itself it is necessary to have the passport.

the Openness of special services, however, has borders: upon termination of exposition work all exhibits will return on places of a constant disposition: In inaccessible to the inhabitant archival spetsfondy and the closed museums. For example, the Revolver took from a museum a special purpose Shelf Mosin`s rifles, SVT and draughts have given the Presidential regiment. Electronic devices, such as Leonid Brezhnev`s personal dictophone and Yury Antropov`s electronic notebook, you more anywhere will not see, they are stored in to the Hall of glory and history FSO of Russia one of the most mysterious museums, located in the Moscow Kremlin.

- Planned to bring here even the present gun applied at defence of the Kremlin in 1917, - has opened one more secret representative FSO Sergey Devjatov. - Alas, here wooden overlappings, the tool it has appeared too heavy.

But also without the Kremlin artillery here is what to look: in an easy approach more than 500 exhibits, since the imperial. According to the declassified documents already fathers - forbears FSO bore service very thoroughly, staking not so much on force, how much on intelligence. At the heart of ideology of protection prevention of act of terrorism, instead of fight with insurgents - condemned men lay.

There were tragicomic situations. In 1907 protection has sunk the Finnish fishing boat which, ignoring admonitory shots, came nearer to the imperial yacht SHtandart . Finns have caught from water. It has appeared, fishermen simply wanted to look at the emperor, and to shots reacted with axiomatic national slowness. Them have released, and under the order reigning a grief - to terrorists have presented a new boat.

And at this exhibition it is possible to touch a star, and it is literally. An exposition highlight - lamps which are hidden behind ruby stars of the Kremlin towers.

to Reach the Kremlin stars it is possible within a month: The exhibition works from March, 23rd till April, 22nd, with 12. 00 to 18. 00. Days off - Monday and Tuesday. An input free, photographing is resolved.