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In a semi-final of the Cup of Russia Moscow the Dynamo will play with Volga

two remained matches 1/ 4 endings of tournament Yesterday have taken place. A meeting Rostov - the Torch has come to the end already after signing of this number in the press. And in Nizhni Novgorod Volga accepted groznensky Terek .

From - that house arena Volga to football now it is not too suitable, rivals sorted out relations on an artificial lawn of stadium Northern 4500 persons containing a maximum. Sad conditions together in due course the match beginnings - 14. 00 at week-day, popularisations of the Cup of Russia about which president RFS Sergey Fursenko is in words baked hardly have strongly promoted.

As to football, the match has turned out dramatic. On a match course Volga remained in minority, but, losing, has managed to even up scores. As a result victory with the bill 2:1 was celebrated by owners. In a semi-final Volga the meeting with Moscow " waits; the Dynamo the day before prevailed against Petersburg Zenith - 1:0.