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The president of Germany Joahim Gauk has taken the oath

the President of Germany to Joahim Gauk is sworn officially in. On March, 23rd in 9 mornings the new head of the state has taken part in joint session of both chambers of parliament in a historical building of Rejhstaga and has said the first speech as the president of Germany.

Since the morning members of parliament have gathered in the Bundestag from both chambers - the Bundestag and the Bundesrat, politicians, visitors, and, of course, the federal chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. Ceremony has begun with salution of the chairman of parliament Norberta Lammerta which has thanked for work of predecessor Gauka on a post of the president - Christian Woolf. eks - the head of the state has appeared for the first time on public after the resignation. It has arrived to parliament together with spouse Bettinoj. Then short performance of the president of upper chamber Horsta Zeehoffera has followed. Then Joahim Gauk has taken the oath which has finished words And yes God will help me! .   He has delivered a speech, in which has stated the basic directions of the activity the next five years of presidential term.

we Will remind that in the electoral programme the former legal expert from GDR planned to contribute in activization of a civil society in Germany, to promote integration of migrants into German community, to support good relations with neighbouring countries.

After ceremony in Rejhstage the president of Germany will go to the residence - lock Belvju where military ceremony of salution of the new head of the state will take place. On Monday Gauk will already go to the first trip as the president of Germany - he will visit Poland.

we Will remind that on March, 18th 72 - summer Joahim Gauk has been selected by the eleventh Federal president of Federal Republic Germany. Next day it has started performance of the official duties. The previous president - Christian Woolf - has been urged to resign under the pressure of charges in use of office position to suit the own ends.

the Facts from life of Joahima Gauka

24. 01. 1940 Was born in the German city of Rostock (the earth Mecklenburg - Forward Pomorze) where there was the largest port in GDR.

27. 06. 1951 His father is arrested on charge in espionage and anti-Soviet activity and sentenced to 25 years of a Siberian exile. About where it is, the family has learnt only after two years. In October, 1955 it has been amnestied and has returned home.

1958 Joahim Gauk dreamt to become the journalist, but GDR to it in it it has been refused. Therefore it has started to study theology.

1959 Married the first love - Gerhild. Subsequently at them was born four children.

1967 Gauk has arrived on service in Lutheran church of the earth Mecklenburg and there was the pastor in a place Ljussov.

1971 It has returned to Rostock and became the pastor of city youth.

1974 For the first time has drawn to itself attention of bodies of a state security ( SHtazi ) .

1982 - 1990 Gauk headed work of church advice of Mecklenburg.

1988 Shtazi have lost interest to the pastor.

1990 Has been selected by the deputy of national chamber of GDR. Two days prior to association of Germany Joahima Gauka had an interest to Shtazi. It became special representatives on management of archives of bodies of a state security of GDR.

1991 Has got divorced, however officially all of them were still married.

2000 After two terms on fast of the Federal representative on management of archives Shtazi has left a post and became the public figure. At this time journalist Daniela Shadt became its companion of life.

01. 01. 2001 Tested as the TV presenter. Within several months conducted teleshow Gauk meets with... but from - for critical estimations of public experiment has been recognised by unsuccessful.

01. 11. 2003 Has headed a society Against oblivion - for democracy .

03. 06. 2010 Was the proposed candidate on fast of the federal president of Germany from sotsial - democrats and green though does not consist in one of these parties. Gauk has lost to the candidate from the governmental coalition to Christian Woolf.

18. 03. 2012 It is selected by the Federal president of Germany.

the Source: Spiegel