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The heroin market in Russia have estimated in 6 mlrd dollars

the Head of Federal Agency of the Russian Federation of control over drug trafficking Victor Ivans has declared that the volume of the market of heroin in Russia is estimated in six billions dollars. On it informs RIA Novosti news agency.

the Situation bears to following features of the Russian narcomarket: scale manufacture of drugs in Afghanistan has provided a commodity market in Russia of heroin - six billions dollars, hashish - one and a half billion dollars. The market of synthetic drugs is estimated in one billion dollars, cocaine - in 80 million dollars, dezomorfina - in 100 million and atsetilirovannogo opium - in 200 million - he has declared.

Ivanov has noticed that special services have withdrawn last year in Russia almost 64 tons of drugs that almost twice surpasses indicators of 2010 (33 tons of the forbidden means).

He also has told that Thanks to the organised work on destruction of 29 thousand hectares of wild-growing hemp, it is not admitted hits in illegal circulation of five thousand tons of marihuana .

past year are involved in a criminal liability of 109 thousand persons, it is investigated 142 thousand narcocrimes, from them 14 thousand - the crimes made in organised forms.   Besides, activity of 7100 narcobrothels is stopped, is made 12 thousand interceptions of wholesale deliveries of drugs.