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Boris Gromov has made the decision to leave fast of the governor of Moscow suburbs

Boris Gromov has made decision to be converted to the president of the Russian Federation and into a party High council an United Russia with the request not to consider it as one of candidates on fast of the governor of region for the following period, have informed in a press - service of the governor of Moscow Region.

Term of my powers expires in May, I carried out these high duties of 12 years and I consider that it is quite enough of it, - quotes a press - service of a word of Gromova. - I Want to express sincere gratitude to inhabitants of area, heads of municipal unions, all with whom I worked these years. We have endured much including very much hard times, however have managed to deduce Moscow Region in leaders among subjects of Russia in many directions socially - economic development. And I am proud of it .

According to Gromova, it also will do henceforth all from it depending for Moscow suburbs prosperity, and the heir can count on its help. By words the press - secretary Andrey Barkovsky, since March, 15th of Thunders is in holiday and plans to come to work tomorrow.

the inquiry

Boris Vsevolodovich Gromov was born on November, 7th, 1943 in Saratov in a family of military men. In 1962 has ended the Kalininsky Suvorovsky military college, then Leningrad the higher military obshchevojskovoe command school of a name of Kirov. Military service has begun with the commander of a platoon, and after study in Military academy of a name of Frunze ministered in armies of Turkestani military district   and Severo - the Caucasian military district. Military ranks of the major, the lieutenant colonel, the colonel has received ahead of schedule. In 1980 - 1982 served in Afghanistan, ordered a motor-shooting division as a part of 40 - j armies. In March, 1985 has returned there again - in the rank of the representative of Joint Staff VS of the USSR, then ordered 40 - j army. In 1987 the general - the lieutenant has received a military rank. For operation working out the Highway - the largest and successful operation of times of the Afghani campaign. Gromovu the rank of the Hero of Soviet Union with delivery of order of Lenin has been appropriated.

In 1989 supervised over a withdrawal of Soviet troops from the country. Thunders has developed the plan of a withdrawal of armies through pass Salang which has come to the end lost-free. In 1989 to Gromovu it has been appropriated   a rank the general - the colonel; the same year it has been appointed by the commander of armies of Krasnoznamennogo of the Kiev military district and selected by the People`s Deputy of the USSR. Since 1990 - the first deputy of the Minister of Internal Affairs of the USSR. Besides, with 1990 for 1991 of Thunders was a part of the Political bureau of the Central committee of Communist Party of Ukraine, and in 1991 participated in campaign for presidential elections of the Russian Federation as the candidate on fast of the vice-president of the Russian Federation.

In the beginning of 1992 of Thunders has been appointed by the first deputy of the commander of forces of general purpose of Incorporated armed forces of the CIS. The same year became the deputy minister of defence of the Russian Federation. In the beginning of February, 1995 the president of Russia Boris Yeltsin has signed the decree about prikomandirovanii Gromova to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs as the main military expert in the rank of the deputy minister. In 1995 has been selected by the deputy of the State Duma. In November, 1998 of Thunders participated in movement creation Fatherland headed by the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov. In 1999 has received the deputy mandate. In October of the same year of Thunders was be nominated by group of voters the candidate to an office the governor of Moscow Region and in January, 2000 - has won elections.

the Special place in work of administration situated near Moscow led by Thunderous was occupied with a question on relations between area and Moscow. The prolonged conflict to Yury Luzhkov, disturbing to work, was resolved only after the mayoralty of Moscow was headed by Sergey Sobjanin.

Thunders - the author of numerous publications on questions of history and practical building of armed forces. The president of the International association Twin towns the head of the All-Russia public organisation of veterans the Fighting brotherhood . It is awarded by orders For merits before Fatherland II, III and IV degrees, Lenin`s order, two orders of the Red Banner, orders of the Red Star, For service to the Native land in Armed forces of the USSR a medal For services in battle .

At Gromova - five children, including two adopted.