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The index of economic intensity in the Russian Federation has reached level 90 - h years

In Russia the index of economic intensity and potential labour conflicts has grown. And though at us in the country this indicator more low, than in the majority of the developed countries, it practically left on level astable 1990 - h years.   also there were on one of the highest marks for all 22 years   such supervision.

Such data is resulted in the research made holding Romir . The index pays off as a difference received at subtraction of percent of labour conflicts and mass stirrings among workers should decrease for what sight from percent of those who believes that similar stirrings and conflicts will grow.   now in Russia this indicator makes 40 percent, as a whole for the world - is on a mark of 42 percent. For comparison: in 2007 the index was in our country on a mark in one percent.

In many respects echoes of recent crisis became fault of growth of an index. Precritical indicators of economy have been reached only last year, and real incomes of the population grow low enough rates, the deputy director of the Center of development NIU " explains; the economy Higher school Valery Mironov.

Besides, it is impossible to put outside the brackets and that circumstance that though crisis consequences as a whole are overcome, in heads of people it still remained. Concern at the population for the present is present in the afternoon - the expert adds.

But have affected not only especially business factors.   last research was spent in December, 2011, and at its analysis it is necessary to consider growth of social intensity - it is assured   Mironov. However, the economic component, believes it,   has affected index growth all - taki more.

it is necessary to notice that the index of economic intensity has raised not only in Russia. Fear for own future is characteristic for inhabitants of some the countries which are considered in the economic plan stable enough and safe. The rating top is occupied with Ireland with 70 percent. Further there is France (68 percent), China (63 percent), Belgium (61 percent), Finland (50 percent) and Italy (49 percent).

the First place of Ireland is indicative. It more than other European states has suffered from crisis consequences - Mironov marks.

If to look at a situation is wider, it as a whole in crisis now there is all world economy continues. And prevalence of the European countries in a top of a rating of economic intensity speaks, according to Mironov, about necessity of change of system of a state administration of the European Union.

There, really, it is necessary as well as economic, and political reorganisation - the expert has underlined.

As a whole, Mironov is assured, the high level of stressful indicators of a rating in economically safe countries even in something and is useful, as forces the authorities to care of a status of the human capital.

it is curious that the lowest indicators of economic intensity and potential labour conflicts have been registered in Afghanistan, Iraq and Vietnam. At the working population of these countries fear before labour conflicts, probably, no.