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Citizens of Russia began to be guided is better on the Internet

Number of Internet users in Russia during the last years has grown so sharply that it is visible even without statistical calculations with open years. But quantity and quality of a thing different. Not less important, for what Russians generally use worldnet possibilities. Research on this subject has published Yury Levady`s Analytical centre ( Levada - the centre ) .

sociologists spent The poll in February, 2012 among 1600 persons at the age of 18 years and is more senior in 130 settlements 45 of regions of the country. And results have compared to the data of same polls, only year prescription. A leah

you Use the Internet, and if yes, for what purposes? In March of 2011 62 percent responded at once is not present and of the further conversation dropped out. For incomplete year number such conscientious objectors it was sharply reduced: now them only 45 percent, that is even are less than half.

Sociologists have fixed also set of other changes for a year aside universal internetizatsii the population. So, now more than twice more often Russians use the Internet to learn the latest news (24 percent against 11 percent) to understand that occurs in the country and abroad (14 percent against last year`s 6 percent). Citizens have obviously accustomed to help and search sites, and already not 27 percent, and the whole 39 percent search in them for the necessary information, 14 percent read from the book screen, 22 percent look films (last year accordingly 6 percent of readers and 13 percent of cinema-goers). Every fifth listens by means of a network to music (one year ago - 13 percent). Twice more buyers became at the Internet - shops (12 percent against former 6 percent). One year ago for entertainment used a World Wide Web only 13 percent, for modest 18 percent it was dialogue means. Now differently - every fifth the Internet entertains all, and every third finds adherents in it and friends.

However, Russians while trust a web less, than to television. Information on an event to the country which is extended by the basic TV channels, completely or more likely trust 63 percent of citizens. The quarter - does not trust it more likely, but only 3 percent have told in reply to this question rigid is not present .

to the Internet as to an information source trust 43 percent. The fifth part of Russians - totally 21 percent refuses to the Network trust. But if about television the any accurate opinion at Russians exists, and were at a loss with the answer about a vote only 9 percent in a question on reliability the Internet - data people are less categorical. 37 percent could not tell distinctly, they believe the data obtained from webs or not.

Is at the Internet in Russia not taken boundaries and reserves for growth, it is unconditional - is.