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Military men in Mali have made state revolution

Military men in Mali have made state revolution. Experts consider these events by echoes “ the Arabian spring “ mentioned and the countries of Black Africa.

Rebellious army divisions took storm a presidential palace, have arrested several ministers and have stopped an announcement of the state channels. As inform local sources, military have rebelled from - for inability of the authorities to take over the control “ revolt tuaregov “ - scale sorties of nomads - berberov from grouping “ National movement for clearing of Azavada “. From the middle of January groups of separatists have developed real war in northern deserted areas Malis. Experts connect their activity with the Libyan crisis which has generated uncontrolled raspolzanie armours and insurgents on region. As it is known, tuaregi were a part of elite divisions Muamara Kaddafi and were considered as faithful allies of Dzhamahirii. In Libya resided more a half-million of representatives of this aggressive nation (they also live in Mali, Niger, Algeria and Burkina Faso). Having been out of work after  destruction of the colonel, the former mercenaries have rushed to the relatives to Africa to the south of Sahara. “ Kaddafi though as - that supervised activity tuaregov in area Sahelja, but now they have left in free swimming, - the president of Institute of the Near East Evgenie Satanovsky has told. Are armed, well prepared kommandos, with the field commanders. Their each parking - present ukreprajon, try to defeat them “.

last months the situation in the north of Mali left from - under control. Tuaregi have grasped some cities and even military base. Escaping from “ warriors of wilderness “ almost 200 thousand local residents were started up in races.