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The authorities of France have closed page the Toulouse terrorist in Facebook

the Ministry of Internal Affairs of France could achieve from administration of social network Facebook of closing of the page devoted to the Toulouse terrorist to Mohammed Mera.

Page under the name Gratitude to Mohammed Mera has appeared in Facebook soon after occurrence in mass-media of the information that the police managed to liquidate the terrorist. On it hostile statements to the French law enforcement bodies which employees were possible manage the Measure contained. For that time that the page has existed in a social network, she was visited nearby by 500 persons.

we Will remind that on March, 19th Mohammed Mera, decided to revenge France for participation in the Afghani military company, has opened shooting in the Jewish college in Toulouse and has opened shooting on teachers, pupils and their parents. Victims the Toulouse terrorist There were seven persons, including three children. As a result of the police special action, lasting two days, Mohammed Mera has been killed.