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Ilya Kovalchuk answers questions of readers sport. ru

Dear readers pda. sport. ru. Some time ago you had possibility to ask on our site the questions attacking NHL club Atlanta Tresherz to Ilya Kovalchuku. Now we publish answers to the first part of questions (continuation on a site tomorrow).
SLON: How to you America?
- Behind ocean I the second year. First, certainly, was tjazhelovato far from native. But my agent Andrey Belmach in every possible way tried to help me. For it to it many thanks. And last winter to me to Atlanta for the first time there have arrived parents. The father and mother say that in America I have quickly matured and have grown up.
L.A.Gordjuk, STEM: What prospects Atlanta in this season? After all and Goats, both Krupp, and Makichern are astable enough, and for you with Hitli this season becomes the second - that is, the most difficult?
- I Heard, many say that the second season is always more difficult than the first. Perhaps it is valid so, but fairly to tell, think of it of special desire is not present. My problem - to play and hammer. I think that to us with Deni Hitli it will be simple, after all we already long together play and we understand each other from a half-word. As to arrival to Slavy Kozlova our command it has strengthened an attack line. He/she is the real master. It would be desirable certainly that the command has got in plej - off but how much it is real - I not undertake to tell.
Evgenie: How many washers intend to hammer in this season?
- last year has stopped on a mark 29. Now it would be desirable to hammer even more. Why - that seems that washers to 45 me quite on forces to hammer.
Sergey Vladimirovich Bugakov: Through how many years Atlanta can apply for Stanley`s Cup, that is to be in the four of the best teams of NHL?

- I do not know. I will do the utmost, that it was as soon as possible.
Natalia Titov: Than you were interested in the childhood, besides hockey and whom could become if have left sports?

- I since childhood strongly love sports. And at all I do not represent, whom would become, if has left hockey.
Skrobov Michael Olegovich: Ilya, than you are interested besides hockey. And whether the Russian sports (football for example) are interesting to you?

- I like football, in this sport at me it is a lot of friends. In many commands far not on last roles youth, actually my coevals - Pimenov and Izmaylov in the Locomotive Kerzhakov in Zenith the same Sychev was in Spartake . Present football, actually, the same as also hockey, pleases with the unpredictability. Still I like to play bowling.
Obradovic: Ilya, what do you think of two my favourite hockey clubs, Anaheim Mighty Ducks and Ak to the Leopard ?

- In Anaheim my friend Stanislav Tchistov, in " now acts; Ak the Leopard last year one more my companion Igor Knyazev nowadays supporting " played; Carolina . I wish success both children.
Krupenin Boris Alekseevich: do not regret, what have gone to NHL at so early age? Whether miss across Tver? What salary at you (if it not a trade secret)?

- I am not sorry. The first season in NHL has shown that I have correctly made, having gone for ocean. And still if I played Russia the chance to get on the Olympic Games at me would not be. And I dreamt of the Olympic Games. As to the contract sum I am happy with it. But figure I will not name - a secret.
an emphasis Vladimir Evgenevich: Ilya if you have returned to Russia - for what command would like to play?
- For ocean I left from Spartaka And if has now returned to Russia would act in Spartake . It is Now red - white act in a superleague, and in the main Russian league I could not play. Here, can, during expected lock-out in a year I will support Spartak .
Nail: How you think, from what level of fees the mass outcome of the Russian legionaries from NHL back home is possible?
is a private affair of each player, and all depends on circumstances of this or that hockey player in NHL.