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Kovalchuk comes nearer to the best bombardiram NHL

Yesternight in NHL have passed five matches. In one of them one of the best players of league Russian Ilya Kovalchuk was noted again by the thrown washer, thereby closely having come nearer to the best bombardiram NHL.
Toronto on the platform has changed Atlanta - 4:2. As a part of visitors the ninth washer in a season was thrown by Russian Ilya Kovalchuk. It concedes In the list of the best snipers of league only to Chris Druri from Baffalo Brendanu Shenahenu from Rejndzhers and to the clubmate Marianu Hosse, on which to the account on 10 exact throws.
Washington has on a visit managed to achieve a victory over Calgary . In structure Kepitals two goal passes noted Alexander Ovechkin. It is necessary to note and the Latvian legionary of the capital club Danjusa Zubrusa which two washers have brought a victory to a command.
Chicago Continues to roll down downwards on standings. Having lost from - for traumas at once several leaders, Blek Hoks have conceded with the account 0:3 Philadelphia . We will notice that already three matches to a number Chicago cannot throw a uniform washer in gate of the contender.
the powerful contribution to a victory Los - Andzhelesa on New York Rejndzhers with the account 4:1 the Russian legionary " has brought; Kings Alexander Frolov. eks - attacking Krylja Sovetov has thrown a washer and assisted the partner.
NHL. The regular championship. On October, 30th
Philadelphia - Chicago - 3:0 (1:0, 0:0, 2:0)
Washers: Forsberg (2), Gane Toronto - Atlanta - 4:2 (3:1, 0:0, 1:1)
Washers: Tucker (2), Kaberle, O`Nejll - Kovalchuk , Larsen Sent - Luis - Anaheim - 5:6 (1:1, 2:2, 2:2, 0:0, 0:2)
Washers: Bakman, Shtempnjak, Vajdmen, Tkachuk, Dvorak - Moen, Boshemen, Marchant, Nidermajer, Penner
Solving bullit: Gettslaf Calgary - Washington - 2:4 (0:0, 1:2, 1:2)
Washers: Huselius, Iginla - Zubrus ( Ovechkin ), Zednik, Zednik ( Ovechkin ), Zubrus Los - Andzheles - Rejndzhers - 4:1 (2:0, 2:1, 0:0)
Washers: Snuffled ( Frolov ), Snuffled, Frolov , Everi - Shenahen ( Tjutin )