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Kovalchuk has spoilt a holiday of Mario Leme

Ilya Kovalchuk has thrown solving washer in an overtime in a match against Penguins and for the first time in history Woodpeckers have managed to overcome a command of Mario Leme. By the way, for Kovalchuka this washer became twenty first in a season. At present the Russian is the third sniper of NHL.
Kovalchuk has thrown solving washer, having escaped from the defender Pittsburgh Morana and having realised original bullit .
Today we have lost from - for bad realisations superfluous, - the leading forward " considers; Pittsburgh Martin Straka. - And in an overtime us have punished for wastefulness . At Penguins both washers has thrown 22 - the summer Czech forward Milan Kraft who has received a place in to a basis thanks to traumas of leading players.
Boston - Nju - Jersey 0:1
Washers: Pandolfo
Ajlenders - Florida 2:1 FROM
Washers: Gamrlik (2) - Novoseltsev
Washington - Baffalo 4:3
Washers: Zubrus, Jagr, Bilberries, Grir - Kalinin, Shatan, Varada
Pittsburgh - Atlanta 2:3 FROM
Washers: Kraft (2) - Hitli, Satton, Kovalchuk
Nashville - Ottafa 3:2
Washers: Arhipov, Houlder, Delmor - Shefer, Alfredsson
Phoenix - Edmonton 4:3 FROM
Washers: Lengkou (2), Nad, Doun - Carter, Komrim, Moro
the Dignity - Jose - Philadelphia 2:1
Washers: Seljanne, Kichu - Mjurrej
Los - Andzheles - Chicago 0:2
Washers: Sullivan, Dempsi