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The second it is not given (announcement CHE on volleyball among men)

For the last years on a post of the head coach of Russian national team has occurred two replacements. And both times we have the right were to count on victories in large international tournaments. But victories and have not come, though certain successes, certainly, were. Last year in the ending of World league in Moscow the command under the direction of Zorana Gajicha has taken the third place. Year before in the European championship - the second. In this season, already led by Vladimir Alekno Russians became the second in World league. Only one tournament was completely failure - the World championship in Japan, on which our steels only the seventh. As a whole it is necessary to recognise national team performances successful. However any victory in large tournament yet was not. Also there are all bases to count that the victory will take place in the European championship which will pass in SK Olympic in Moscow and DS Anniversary in St.-Petersburg 6 - on September, 16th. Vladimir Alekno who has replaced Zorana Gajicha on a post of the head coach of our command, has proved as the person inclined to evolutionary development. It gradually rejuvenates a command, but to each tournament enters on one - two beginners a maximum. Thus veterans of a national team if they are in the good form, receive the deserved place in structure. For example, Sergey Tetjuhin who has passed World league from - for traumas, again in structure. Certainly, it will be heavy to it to count on a core place doigrovshchika. On this position perfectly well look Yury Berezhko and Pavel Abramov. But during especially heavy moments Tetjuhin can leave on replacement and decide destiny of party or even a match. Changes have occurred and in a line of the diagonal. Simeon Poltavsky`s place is not exposed to doubts. And here Pavel Kruglov who has well proved during companionable matches against Greek national team has replaced with the second diagonal Evgenie Matkovsky`s positions. One more change has occurred in a line libero. Alexey Verbov, and here Alexander Janutov will take part in the championship in structure only has not got. It means that if, God forbid, something will occur with Willow, the position libero will be played by someone from doigrovshchikov. Well and, at last, any changes has not occurred in a line of the central blocking. Presence of three talented players will allow Alekno to change tactics periodically. If it is necessary to give preference to attack, to a platform there is Alexey Ostapenko, well and if on the contrary, preference it is necessary to give to the block it will be replaced with Alexey Kuleshov. The place in structure to Alexander Volkovu is guaranteed anyway. The core commands the captain of a national team Vadim Hamuttsky will be binding. In case of unsuccessful game of the most skilled volleyball player of a command, Sergey Grankin is ready to replace it. It is impossible to tell that the lot was mercy to our national team during a toss-up. That half of grid which plays to Moscow, looks much stronger than those commands which will sort out relations in St.-Petersburg. Poland national teams, Belgium and Turkey become contenders of our command on a group stage. Last two collectives hardly will interfere with struggle for high places. Well and the first place in group will be played between Russians and Poles. Poland national team will dream us in a bad dream still many long years. After all from - for it our command has not got to a semi-final of the World championship which passed in last year in Japan. We have powerlessly conceded to Poles dry, and those have as a result reached the ending where have lost to Brazilians. Resignation of Zorana Gajicha became a failure result in Japan. Poles as a whole too have succeeded In World league of this year. Tournament passed in their territory, and thus they throughout a selection stage showed excellent volleyball. Poland only Brazil - in a semi-final again could stop. So from the notorious World championship the Russian national team did not meet Poles. It will be more interesting to that to look in internal fight, whether our national team became stronger at Vladimir Alekno. According to tournament regulations, 16 commands are broken into 4 groups on 4 commands. At the first stage passes circular tournament in groups. On its results in the following stage there are three best teams. The second round is played already in two groups on 6 commands from which on two best get to a semi-final. Russian national team in the second stage almost for certain will play with Italy, Bulgaria and Croatia. Thus, for two permits in a semi-final four national teams will struggle, most likely: Russians, Italians, Poles and Bulgarians. Russian national team structure:
Doigrovshchiki - Sergey Tetjuhin, Alexander Kosarev, Pavel Abramov, Yury Berezhko, blocking - Alexey Ostapenko, Alexander Volkov, Alexey Kuleshov, diagonal - Pavel Kruglov, Simeon Poltavsky, binding - Vadim Hamuttsky, Sergey Grankin, libero - Alexey Verbov. Structures of groups:
Group And (St.-Petersburg): Serbia, Greece, Germany, the Netherlands
Group In (Moscow): Russia, Poland, Turkey, Belgium
Group About (St.-Petersburg): Spain, France, Slovakia, Slovenia
Group D (Moscow): Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria, Finland the Schedule of matches of Russian national team of the first group stage:
on September, 6th: Russia - Belgium
on September, 7th: Russia - Turkey
on September, 9th: Russia - PolshaVtoroj a group stage - 11 - on September, 13th, semi-finals and the ending 15 - on September, 16th.