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Bersi the Supercup

9 waits - on February, 10th all strongest judoists of the world will gather in Paris that for two days to play on tatami universal sport centre Bersi awards and valuable rating points of the Supercup of the world first in this season. We will remind that in the French capital cost medals will be above, than at simple stages of the Cup. Parisian super - gold will give to the sportsman of 90 points, silver - 50, and bronze - 30. On a usual World Cup the winner received 60 points, the second prize-winner - 34 points, and the bronze medallist - 20. Tournament in France is one of the most popular and prestigious competitions on a judo. This year it will pass already in 34 times. In organising committee of the Parisian Supercup of the world demands from commands more than seventy countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and America have already arrived. By position in competitions can take part on one sportsman from the countries of Africa, Asia and America, on two - from the Old World states, and on four - from the country - the organizer. The Russian national team will go to Paris after preparatory gathering in Podolsk. The structure of our command included such titled athletes, as triple world champion Alexander Mihajlin (+100 kg), prize-winner Igr in Athenes, the winner of the Parisian Supercup - 2007 Hasambi Taov (90), champions of Europe: Ruslan Kishmahov (60), Salamu Mezhidov (73), Elena Ivaschenko and Vera Moskaljuk (78), etc. On Saturday, on February, 9th, on tatami Bersi medallists in categories 60, 66 and 73 kg at men and 48, 52, 57 and 63 kg - at women will be defined. Sunday on February, 10th, names winners and prize-winners in man`s scales: 81, 90, 100 and over 100 kg, and in the female: 80, 78 and over 78 kg. For the information. In 2007 the Russian sportsmen managed to win in Paris three medals: Gold was won by Hasambi Taov (90 kg), Natalia Juhareva (57) became the second prize-winner, and the bronze award was received by Alexander Mihajlin (+100). Russian national team on a world Supercup in Paris Men
60 kg
Kishmahov Ruslan (Stavropol)
Galstjan Arsene (Republic Adygea, Maikop) 66 kg
Gadanov Alim (KBR, Nalchik)
Verhoturov Vitaly (Krasnodar territory, Sochi)

73 kg
Mezhidov Salamu (the Chechen republic, Argun)
Artemyev Artem (Moscow) of 81 kg
Magomedov Sirazhudin (Republics Dagestans, Kiziljurt)
Bashkaev Alibek (KCHR, Cherkessk) 90 kg
Taov Hasanbi (KBR, Nalchik)
Mahmadov Zafar (Chelyabinsk) of 100 kg
Unashhotlov Aslan (KBR, Nalchik)
Ledenev Alexey (Moscow) of +100 kg
Mihajlin Alexander (Moscow)
Sterhov Dmitry (Krasnoyarsk region) Women
48 kg
Bogdanova Lyudmila (St.-Petersburg)
Kondratyev Natalia (Samara) of 52 kg
Haritonova Anna (Moscow)
Davydchenko Anna (Moscow) of 57 kg
Juhareva Natalia (St.-Petersburg)
Gromova Irina (Altay territory, Barnaul) 63 kg
Koval Belief (Smolensk)
Belsky Love (Novosibirsk) of 70 kg
Cousin Julia (the Orenburg region, Orsk)
Burova Natalia (Moscow) of 78 kg
Moskaljuk Belief (HMAO, Nizhnevartovsk)
Morozova Marina (Murmansk) of +78 kg
Ivaschenko Elena (Omsk)
Mhitarjan Anaid (HMAO, Hunts - Mansijsk) In a national team reserve: Martynov Ivan (Moscow, 60 kg), Pavlov Denis (Moscow, 66 kg), Burylov Alexander (Perm, 73 kg), Magomedov Kamil (Novosibirsk, 81 kg), Bratov Kaplan (KCHR, 90 kg), Wolves Andrey (Ryazan, +100 kg) Half-aspens the Novel (Lipetsk region, 100 kg), Fedoseenko Olga (Novosibirsk region, 52 kg), Zabludina Irina (Samara, 57 kg), Gubadova Anastas (Chelyabinsk, 78 kg), Donguzashvili Teja (St.-Petersburg, +78 kg). Federation of a judo of Russia, www. judo. ru