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23 - on May, 24th in Moscow the sixth will take place Military - a sports forum

23 - on May, 24th on Red Square in Moscow the sixth will take place Military - a sports forum. For two days Red Square will turn to a platform for various sports actions and competitions: boxing, parkur, volleyball, football, stritbol, a paintball, rock-climbing, table tennis, dzhiu - dzhitsu, extreme sports. These days all interested persons can become witnesses sports « fights » not only between the well-known sportsmen, but also representatives of authorities and business. We will look, who will dare to battle in football fight to a command of tax specialists or UBEP?
sports stars are invited To action, such as Alina Kabaeva, Svetlana Horkina, Nikolay Valuev and others about 600 officials. It is expected that action will be visited also by a star of Hollywood - Susan Sarandon (Susan Sarandon).
VI Military - the sports forum is organised by the Noncommercial organisation « Military - sports fund » and the Government of Moscow for the purpose of popularisation of mass playing sports in Russia, attraction of children and youth to physical training, distributions of ideals of a healthy way of life among the population of our country and preventive maintenance of a narcotism, drunkenness and terrorism.
VI military - a sports forum « It is ready to work and defence! » it will be opened for all comers 23 - on May, 24th, from 9:00 till, in Moscow, on Red Square.
23 - on May, 24th. Moscow. Red Square
VI Military - a sports forum
the Input free. Pass on Red Square will be organised through an arch through passage from Ohotnij rjad, an exit from Vasilevsky descent.