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In a pursuit of Blattom (announcement CHE on volleyball among women)

Artemy Bartkov last week have died down last volleys of the man`s European championship on volleyball in Moscow. However, these volleys have got a certain mourning shade, our command in the face of nine thousand Russian fans has sensationally conceded Spain in the ending. But already today the women`s team will begin a vindictive campaign behind gold of the European Championship. Wards Giovanni Kaprery have approached to tournament in Belgium in a rank of operating world champions, having won this title last year in Japan. Then in the ending were poverzheny brazilianki. That success became for the Russian female volleyball to the largest for last 15 years. Last time of similar success achieved in far 1991 so far a national team of Soviet Union. Last and present year in general steels for domestic sports, to be exact for volleyball and basketball, critical. We have again started to get used to the big victories, leaving behind conviction in own infirmity. No more, than one week ago David Blatt has won superiority of Europe with our basketball team. And now Kirilenko and To name precisely giants though prior to the beginning already historical tournament the majority considered as their dwarfs of world basketball. Considered all but Protection, well and to whom have believed? Already after a victory in the ending over Spain the American Israeli Blatt has told that the problem psychological was the main problem. However, this statement it has not opened America, actually anybody and did not doubt it, only here now there is quite logical question: why if this problem lay on a surface anybody before its Protection could not solve? In my opinion, here a trouble with mentality of the Russian sportsmen, and accordingly and domestic trainers. Let`s remember, who from our experts has achieved during the last years outstanding successes at the international level. In a head Gazzayev flashes only. Whether it is disturbing? It is disturbing and that the rank of the deserved trainer of Russia is received not by Alekno and Eremin, and David Blatt. Well let while so, it can at last will strike on domestic vanity with such force that uncertainty and doubtfulness For now on the first roles at us in the country foreigners will take off from a head, and the success of Blatta can quite repeat Kaprara, having won the Belgian superiority of Europe. After all even pretournament results at their commands are similar. As our basketball players lost to all and everything, and volleyball players have ruined Gran - at 2008 . And, probably, for the first time in history have not won any early tournament. But does not doubt our girls of Kaprara, and correctly does, after all he has achieved with this command of a victory in the World championship. However, for Euro frankly weak teams are not present, and continuation of success demands very serious work, first of all over internal psychology. Here in it just as we could be convinced, equal Blattu are not present. But than Kaprara is worse, than our girls are worse? Yes anything, from that also we wait from them for magnificent game and a victory. And if Kaprara is the same thin expert as Blatt most likely we will revenge for our muzhiks and we will return to Russia, the gold stolen by Spaniards.