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24 - on May, 29th in Moscow the seventh sports forum

  will take place; 24 - on May, 29th, 2011 on Red Square in Moscow the Seventh sports forum on Red Square will traditionally take place.
the noncommercial organisation Military - sports fund according to the commission of the President of the Russian Federation ( Pr - 3325 from 16. 11. 2010) Prepares together with Department of physical training and sports of a city of Moscow the Seventh forum It is ready to work and defence which will pass from May, 24 till May, 29th, 2011 on Red Square.
within the limits of the Forum will take place bench military - a sports exhibition, in participation in which will be involved public sports the organisations from Moscow and regions of Russia - the Dynamo, the Locomotive, CSKA, the Olympic committee of Russia, Rosmolodezh, many other things. The expositions will present the higher educational institutions of power departments - Ministersva of defence, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB, the Ministry of Emergency Measures, FSO to Russia.
for carrying out of sports actions on Red Square there will be a football ground, two volleyball platforms, a ring, a basketball platform, a platform of extreme sports, a tennis court, tatami, a platform of the street extreme, covered pejntbolnoe a field, platforms for specifications GTO, and also a cinema hall, a scene, spectator tribunes.
Within 6 days of the Forum will pass competitions on various sports. In particular, are planned:
and #61485; sorevnovanijapo to complex single combat among employees of power structures;
and #61485; Festival of national kinds of struggle of the people of Russia;
and #61485; matchevaja a meeting on fighting sambo-wrestling between sportsmen of Moscow and St.-Petersburg;
and #61485; demonstration performances of world champions on street basketball;
and #61485; title fights on boxing with participation of the strongest sportsmen of Russia;
and #61485; Moscow skate tour from Federation of a skateboarding of Russia;
and #61485; the international tournament on stritbolu with participation of representatives NBA from Association of street basketball of Russia;
and #61485; indicative meetings of professionals of the big tennis, the master - classes for beginning players;
and #61485; Traditional tournaments on football and volleyball among employees and veterans of power structures - generals of FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministries of Defence, FSO, a Frontier service, many other departments will visually show to young generation as physical health, the sports spirit and unity of a command promote fruitful work and success in career;
and #61485; Games among schoolboys of Moscow, Moscow suburbs, St.-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhni Novgorod, Volgograd, Ufa, Saransk, Voronezh, other cities. The best national teams will arrive to Moscow to defend on Red Square honour of the city;
and #61485; Games among pupils of military educational institutions and students of sports high schools.
in 2011 100 years from the date of creation of the Olympic committee of Russia are executed. At the Forum is planned to give return readout about the Olympic day. On platform OKR it will be possible to get acquainted with history of the Olympic movement, to take part in photosession, to receive autographs at legends of the Russian sports and to try on on itself champion loadings.
the federal agency on youth affairs will present the project Run with me which purpose to popularise culture of a food and physical activity among youth.
for the first time within the limits of the Forum Military - sports fund together with organising committee of the International Film forum the Gold Hero I International Film forum of the documentary films, which purpose spiritually - moral education of young generation, tolerance formation in the youth environment, extremism preventive maintenance will be organised.
inter-regional public fund of assistance of realisation of the programs directed on support of youth the youth World Will present presentation of two socially significant projects - the All-Russia competition of social advertising the New view and the Uniform youth information network ( EMIS ) .
the Moscow international film festival of mountain and adventure films " Will take place; the Vertical .
In days of the Forum Signal to start of the All-Russia games 2011 " will be given; Sports of generations workers of holding of Open Society the Russian Railway devoted 75 - letiju RFSO the Locomotive movement presentation the Healthy command of the Russian Railway and carrying out of children`s summer Games and a sports holiday lokobol.
the Russian Federation of a paintball and Federation of a paintball of Republic Bashkortostan will hold a cup Military - sports fund the Patriot 2011 .
In final day, on May, 29th in 18. 00, solemn ceremony of closing of the Forum and rewarding of winners of competitions will take place.

the seventh sports forum will be opened for all comers 24 - on May, 29th, 2011, from 11:00 till, in Moscow, on Red Square.
an input free. Pass on Red Square will be organised through an arch through passage from Ohotnij rjad.