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Matches 3 - go round of League of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange have taken place - RTS

On Friday, appear, football could have only one direction - on severo - the east on a red branch of underground to stadium the Locomotive accepting a companionable meeting between Russian national teams and Uruguay. But fans went and to other party. Is not present - is not present, they have not mixed stadiums. Simply in Luzniki in same it is a high time the third round of the regular championship of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange - RTS in which there was not one match, and ten has taken place. And any companionable!
region - Uralsib 0:5 the Meeting of the leader of the championship with a command which occupies the third line from below, has forced to say that at Region it is not enough chances. Has even more forced to tell about it a goal hammered Uralsibom already on 6 - j to minute. The ball has flown in a grid of gate from George Zatsepin`s foot already after with the first blow from the left flank the goalkeeper has consulted. All this time favourites were in the field of the contender and did not allow to it to freeze. Exactly in seven minutes a ball again carefully bear in hands to a midfield once again to try to change something. The second goal has had on a T-shirt under 13 - m number. Vladimir Moskovkin has afflicted own command. Here really unhappy number! It was possible, of course, and to accident to refer, but only prior to the beginning of the second time.
Having exchanged the parties, to commands followed still exchange and T-shirts, to keep interest to the field. In some minutes after a whistle Uralsib has again hammered, having forced Region to lower hands. In an ending blue it was possible to disturb the goalkeeper salatovyh yes the break has not done them good. And more to force Sergey Gerakova to spoil hands at them it was impossible. It is remarkable that the keeper at all did not begin to put on a glove game. Really believed what to work to it it is necessary a little? Most likely, no. Region on - former forces contenders to approach to matches with itself with all gravity. Now the command is under psychological pressure, that is why Uralsibu it is possible to finish the account to devastating, having hammered still twice.
Answered blue only long transfers of the goalkeeper, trying to be hooked though for something. For example, for the unique goal, as in two previous meetings. But also it have not managed.
Solid - Nettrejder 4:1
the Beginnings Nettrejder with penal in the gate, as if at once has wanted to show that there at them nadezha and a support. Indeed! The goalkeeper consults not only with blow, but also with the subsequent dobivaniem. Yellow in turn on the first minutes have decided to brag of the attack. Have pressed beginners with such ease from what grandmothers in the underground sit down. Solid - a command skilled that is why knows that it is necessary to do with the contender, when he at all does not know what to do. To beat, beat, beat! And then as - nibud it is ridiculous to go into a ball in gate. After transfer from Igor Krivoruchko Ruslan Gumakov`s flank has scored a goal. Or, as it has already been told, has come with a ball into gate. Fans Nettrejdera have bitterly sighed. They - that asked to hammer in the command, even personally to Feodor Stepanovu addressed: Feodor, hammer! Feodor, hammer! Feodor, has not hammered. The unique ball into the account was written down by the attacking Anton Petrov, having caught zazevavshijsja Solid on counterattack.
the drawn game on a board for a long time was not late. Literally in the following attack Solid again comes forward. Konstantin Belov has caused a stir this time. Having broken on the left flank, it dense blow has forced to slip a ball under the goalkeeper. The initiative yellow again leads to the penal. Football players in green vests, on - visible, at all do not believe that with penal it can hammer. Correctly exposed wall into which the ball, to that the proof runs. But, if with penal it is impossible to hammer, from game the ball continually runs into a grid of gate. Let and from outer side. Constant game in defence leads to that the protagonist of a match, goalkeeper Vladimir Prokhorov, is mistaken on an exit, and on a command break leave with the account 3:1. Ruslan Gumakov makes out a double.
the second time again begins with attack Solida which leads to the fourth ball. Nettrejderu there is nothing to lose, that is why they safely go forward. The command is on last line of standings and loses absolutely on business. Equal game in the second time if not to look at a board, says that green Still can be overcome, if will cease to sit out from first minutes in defence.
finam - Opening 1:1
One of the most interesting games of this day has begun on small speeds. finam plays hardly more rigidly. Probably, this consequence of the previous game with the Renaissance the Capital in which orange it was necessary to get some times under terrible and sometimes dangerous podkaty the contender. opening dries game at the expense of pressure on another`s half of field. Both those, and others look organizovanno, and because it is boring. And still tactics it is white - blue leads to their goal faster. On 28 - j to minute Michael Haaze, having understood with defensive numbers orange forces finam the second match to act in a role of a catching up command successively.
in a command break have drunk vodichki, have talked with each other and have decided to change over. The beginning remains for catching up, which zavjazli in a midfield. As soon as opening has received a ball, they have there and then tried to adhere it, allowing to itself to take rest after an impact finama . The last, uvlekshis attack, can and pass, but remain in defence and hope for a miracle this command does not presume. And, can, and in vain! The miracle is. And today it with them. As the proof: at first finam has successfully beaten off, then has earned penal then has managed to beat off the most dangerous attack, in which two football players it is white - blue left in private with the goalkeeper. Further - it is better! Have forced Opening some more time to break rules and to earn a mustard plaster then have finished captain`s Evgenie Rybnikova`s goal.
the Defender it is white - blue Ratmir Levchuk is assured that this game with a command finam it has turned out one of the most interesting in this season: Played counter courses. Both commands attacking that have shown the previous matches, but lodge in defence, from here and such result. On a course of a match all of us - taki had some advantage, only has not carried with realisation of scoring chances. Could hammer in two more - three times.
the account has not defended, because have decided to play in the second time on deduction, and minutes 15 at us it turned out to do it, have then passed an inconvenient ball. It was difficult to goalkeeper to gain, and we had to be shaken anew. Could pull out, of course, a victory, but has not carried in an ending .
Alor - the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange - RTS 3:0
the Commands which have typed in the previous round on three points, have decided not to risk on the first minutes. The match has begun in silence and the organised struggle. Silence was interrupted with unexpectedly was fan with a drum. It was impossible to get rid of struggle to a break. Game passed in the first time mainly in the field RTS . With each attack Alor all stole up to a goal more close, but it is more dangerous than the moment with ball hit in a bar we and have not seen. To rare attacks the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange - RTS there was no finishing pass on pjatachok . And the time not finished has ended: a zero drawn game.
in second half of meeting Alor has added in the technician and game in a pass. It is logical that the hammered ball has not kept itself waiting long. The novel Agadullin has broken on the centre and has punched in the left corner from itself. Blow has appeared so unexpected that the goalkeeper has not reacted at all. Some more dangerous attacks at once have followed. At first, the command was rescued by the goalkeeper, in a jump having pulled out a ball already from the right corner, then, after giving angular, conditions were discharged by the defender who has caught become puzzled in penal attacking. In the third attack could rescue and good luck. But it was on other field. The exact pass with right brovki on the left has allowed to cause a stir to Vitaly Turulo whom defenders have left one. The ninth number Alor has sent a ball to the goalkeeper between feet. During remained time it has had time to be noted and Alexander Dobrov, having established the definitive account of a meeting.
attacking dark blue Sergey Miheenkov has told, why it was not possible to open an abacus in the first time: At the contender the goalkeeper well played, correctly chose a position and did not allow us to hammer, though moments we have created much. When nevertheless it was possible to unpack gate, contenders have revealed, having allowed us to catch itself on counterattacks " twice;.
Junikredit Sekjuritiz - Russian Funds 11:2
For both commands the third round of the championship was important, before everyone there were problems. Junikredit Sekjuritiz wished to come nearer to leaders, and Russian Funds wanted to type long-awaited points.
the whistle of the judge Was distributed, and brisk game has begun. From first minutes of a match it became obvious that advantage on the party Sekjuritiz - they and a ball owned more, and ran, as a rule, on another`s half of field and the goalkeeper at them looked confidently, instructing a command. But Russian Funds probably, have not wanted to accept such situation. Has not passed also ten minutes from the first time as they realised a goal in gate of contenders. And as a whole all looked not bad, after all as did not attack JUnikredit gate Funds left nothing - that defenders did not pass by themselves a ball the goalkeeper rescued gate. But whatever one may do the quantity of attacks develops sooner or later into their quality. And here after some minutes 16 - j number Sekjuritiz in crowd and confusion kicks the ball, which having slipped under a foot of the defender and touching hands of the goalkeeper all - taki gets into gate. Further the success has been fixed and already at the very end of the first time, on 29 - j to minute with the assistance of the same 16 - ogo numbers in gate Russian Funds One more ball flies.
the second time passed all as from dictation Junikredit Sekjuritiz . Did not pass also minutes as it was possible to them, having left in attack, to create a critical moment. Even defenders JUnikredita and those, were seldom shown at the gate. The greatest attention of spectators, has been chained to the goalkeeper Russian Funds which, despite an abundance of blows and set of goals, all - taki did not lower hands and heroically protected the possession. From the beginning of the second time goals in gate Funds have begun to flow the river. Balls were hammered for all tastes: were both rather far blows, and banal zatalkivanija a ball in gate, and close blows from acute angles, some times the goalkeeper simply threw. Nevertheless, and at gate JUnikredita occasionally, yes there were moments. In the middle of the second time attacking Russian Funds Having understood with the defender, has given transfer to the colleague to which needed to punch only in a free corner, but blow by a heel is not has gone right and naikrasivejshy a goal in gate Sekjuritiz and has not been realised. The meeting Rest has passed the same way, without considering last attack, when all remained forces Russian Funds have been started up in attack, and their diligence have been rewarded by the second which naked ambassador instantly the whistle has sounded! As a result 11:2 in advantage Junikredit Sekjuritiz . The match result has brought one of its heroes - Pavel Vaskov who has caused a stir three goals: the Previous game have drawn. It was impossible to lose points in this match, therefore were adjusted. Plus there have arrived children who could not arrive last time on game, they and have helped us. As a matter of fact, today the three first ball have made all game, and then to us it was easy .
Dojche Bank - the Three Dialogue 1:3
the High voltage reigned in the third round of the championship and in a command match the Three Dialogue against Dojche Bank . Game really was difficult. From the beginning of the first time of a collar of both commands repeatedly appeared under the threat. Pressure poured out in penalty kicks which did not bring results. Nevertheless already on the first minutes the ball at giving from a miss has got into a crossbeam of gate Dojche Bank . As practice has shown is there was only a beginning. Already on 14 - j to minute from transfer 6 - go numbers, Evgenie Stoljarov opens the account in a match.
despite an advantage of the team the Three Dialogue the further game looks exactly enough. Desire Dojche Bank to even up scores it is so great that their attacking, without delaying, enters into collision with the goalkeeper, trying to hammer. The command of the contender reacts to it the indignation, attacking something explains, but the whistle of the judge was not, and it means, game proceeds. Though in the end of the first time in the field representatives " also have started to dominate; Three the second time has again reminded equal struggle. And how many attacks and counterattacks were not made by football players Dojche Bank the goalkeeper Three Dialogue remained impregnable. As the captain " was noted also; Three which, without having sustained pressure, has obtained on 38 - j to minute a yellow card. And as it was found out, these diligence were knowingly. On 45 - j to minute in gate Dojche Bank the second ball which has again hammered 21 - j in number flies.
even such account as 0:2 has not changed balance in this struggle. At that point in time, when it has been hammered only 2 goals, shoots for goal was much more. And here, the next episode of attack of a command the Three Dialogue - Two attacking go on the goalkeeper, but that does not give in on provocation and, remaining in collars, reflects one more blow. But there comes the following attack and the same 21 number Evgenie Stoljarov makes out the het - trik in a match. But with what account one command would not beat another, diligence are always remunerated also by acknowledgement to that there was an attack Dojche Bank last minutes a match which has come to the end with an exit with the goalkeeper in private and a wonderful goal of prestige. And, certainly, after such it was impossible to leave alone the hero of a match Evgenie Stoljarova - the author of three hammered balls. It was necessary to find out that has adjusted it on such good game: Yes is not present, actually I not the hero of the match, all command tried also this achievement of all command. To me can be hardly - hardly has carried, I am simple today offset on bankruptcy have handed over, prepared for it And on such inspired wave left and it has turned out! - so the forward Three dialogue Has hammered in a three! Council to all football players - to prepare for offsets and to search for inspiration!
the Renaissance the Capital - VTB the Capital 2:0
having won a confident victory over a command finam in the second round, the Renaissance the Capital has taken the third place in the table. VTB the match has lost and remained within the bottom part. The desire " is clear; white to escape forward. Yes the contender not that! - and it would be desirable to tell. But that`s just the point that that contender most necessary to check up the forces.
VTB the Capital has perfected the skill in mutual understanding. Attacking skilfully open and there and then receive a pass from the clubmates. Already in the first time VTB had chance to cause a stir three times. And all time was necessary only regamet the goalkeeper. the Renaissance has tried to adhere a ball at itself, to play in a pass, to impose the game. At it it has turned out. VTB has started to understand that can lose the initiative and it already not return. Such thoughts have poured out in negligence and hammered on 17 - j to minute a ball. The command was deduced forward by defender Dmitry Matjuhin. Here it is already necessary salatovym to play more accurately and more reliably, and VTB not to lose a head and not to rush to last storm. At the Renaissance holes in defence do not disappear anywhere that is why it is necessary to wait the chance and not to miss it. The chance was, and the ball has again flown in gate white . Alexander Sazonov has beaten defenders and has literally pushed a ball into gate through Pavel Vasileva`s feet.
the Second time passes the same way. the Renaissance looks better, VTB attacks more dangerously. A considerable quantity of shoots for goal and the dangerous moments, and remains non-realised. And the account after the first time does not change. 2:0.
Ursa the Capital - Progress the Capital 1:4
First it seemed that Ursa feels more free in the field. In some minutes began to seem that she only forces so to think. Having selected at violet a ball, Progress near their collar for a long time is late. In some minutes it deduces from itself(himself) the goalkeeper and it has time to be noted by blow in a bar. And on 14 - j to minute comes forward by means of Marata Mustafin who was noted in this meeting het - trikom. One more goal in advantage Capital Progress has had from Nikolay Hachatrjana, the player of debutants of this season. In the second time to revive an intrigue Dmitry Gutsev has tried, having reduced rupture in the account to two balls. Ursa after the hammered ball has changed and began to show other football, having spent some quite good attacks. Last ball has damped an ardour Violet also has forced them to reserve forces on the following game.
Brokerkreditservis - Veles the Capital 6:4
BKS and Veles have settled down behind a command Ursa the Capital which prior to the beginning of games occupied 12 - ju a position. But neither the first, nor it is impossible to name the second outsiders of tournament. It is not necessary to forget that it only the third round which does not assume behind itself games on character. This meeting became an exception.
BKS having spent some blows for a sight on collars, hammers in a ball in the match beginning. And trace has an opportunity to increase advantage, but the lumbago from the left flank appears too strong. Attacking are not in time. In some instants the initiative passes to Veles the Capital which evens up scores. And in the end of the first time, on the latest minute comes forward. Both times at white Differs 11 - j number - Igor Klimkin.
the Second time begins with attacks Brokerkreditservis . Already becomes habitual that dark blue join in struggle only in second half. The same we saw in the previous round, when moved in the account Russian Funds have been crumpled with the obscene account. Two balls were successively loaded by a command into gate shocked Velesa which has quickly come to the senses and on the hammered ball of the captain dark blue Yury Skorkina has answered the. 3:3. The meeting outcome has solved a ridiculous goal in the gate after which have caused a stir Dmitry Jurtsvajg, Artem of Stove-makers and Oleg Karasev.
a match star in structure Veles the Capital Igor Klimkin so has commented on this meeting: we had certain problems with structure, played absolutely without replacements. Despite it have won the first time. In the second forces have ended. Have passed unessential goals, have hammered in four balls. I consider, it is success for us. We particularly did not prepare for the contender, wanted to play proceeding from the forces, meaningly operated with the second number to hammer on counterattacks. As a result has affected weariness and a skill lack .
Aton - the Line - TSerih 2:3
it was required to These commands of time for a swing least. On long attack TSeriha Aton answers the: at first submits successively a little angular, and then from - for limits penal puts pair of interesting blows. In all a case the ball and does not manage to reach gate it is red - yellow . In the middle of a time TSerih again drags a blanket on itself, leaving Atonu a role of the second plan. Those have appeared not against and have concentrated on rare attacks.
the second time begins in the same way as the first comes to an end - a pass in a midfield. TSerih does not allow Aton - the Line even a hint for the dangerous moment while too is not fond of an attack. Twice on a match course Aton comes forward, and TSerih twice with it catches up. On Igor Korolkova and Romana Paplinova balls it is red - yellow answer with Ilya Kurnykova`s goals and Farhada Gabdrahmanova. In an ending visitors pull out a victory and type the first points in this season.
the author of the first goal, Ilya Kurnykov, has shared impression of game: Aton the beginnings vigorously, quickly as - that unexpectedly they have rushed in attack. As far as we know, the command plays from defence is more often. The match has turned out difficult, conceded twice, but in the end our young guy Sergey Leonenkov has added and has scored a victorious goal. It is good that have won after the previous defeat. We had a serious conversation, the plan for game, not all has turned out, of course, as wanted, but the main thing that have won .