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MotoGP: we Overcome equator

Already in the nearest weekend, and even with shift for one day forward, not on Friday - Sunday, as usual, and on Thursday - Saturday, 26 - on June, 28th, 2008, less than a week later after last race in Great Britain, will pass the next stage of Championship MotoGP in the Netherlands - 2008. Race on a track in Assene becomes the ninth under the account in the World championship calendar on shossejno - to ring motorcycle races of this year.
thus, on Sunday evening it will be already possible to say that the equator is overcome - it will be behind equal half of Championship. Nine stages will is passed, and nine more racer it is necessary to overcome.
Now, at present, according to fans (most hazardous of which do monetary rates on the winner), the cores of the favourite in the Championship - any more four as was earlier, and at all three, and all - taki two - the leader of current offset, fivefold champion MotoGP, legendary 29 - summer Italian Valentino Rossi (Valentino Rossi) which on last race in Britain has come the second, and the operating world champion the Australian of Casey Stouner (Casey Stoner) which has won Gran - at Britain - 2008.
On a victory of Rossi in Assene put from calculation 2,4 to one, on a victory only it is a little less - 2,45 to one. Chances of the third favourite, Spaniard Dani Pedrosy (Dani Pedrosa) which now takes the second place in the general offset, and on last race finished the third, are estimated in 5 to one.
Meanwhile, despite weak performances recently other young Spaniard Horhe Lorenso (Jorge Lorenzo), partner Rossi at the command of Fiat Yamaha, the beginner who only this year has come in “ royal “ the class from a class 250ρρ, the racer who has with great dispatch begun a season and even some time headed standings, in forces of Lorenso many fans still trust. Rates on its victory become from calculation 10 to 1.
High chances of American Kolin Edwards (Colin Edwards) and Australian Chris Vermjulena (Chris Vermeulen) - 25 to 1 and 30 to 1 accordingly also are considered.
as to all World championship of 2008 in 1,35 to 1), on the second place among favourites nevertheless Dani Pedrosa - 3,8 to 1, on the third - Casey by Stouner (4,5 to 1) as a whole which will come to the end to become on October, 26th the majority of fans trusts in a victory of Rossi (its chances once again the world champion are estimated. The fourth - Horhe Lorenso (18 to 1). In a victory of other pilots very few people trusts, their chances are estimated very low, in particular, chances of the nearest to “ to the big four “ the contender, American Kolin Edwards, on a victory in the Championship are estimated only in 151 to 1.
In race on Gran - at the Netherlands will take part and the passed previous stage from - for traumas Italian Loris Kapirossi (Loris Capirossi) from Rizla Suzuki. It will select the motorcycle at left to it on replacement in Donington Park of American Ben Spajza (Ben Spies).
we Will remind, as there are conditions in standings at present, after last eight Gran - at (the last stages - in Qatar (Losejl), Spain (the Sherry - de - la - Frontera), Portugal (Eshtoril), China (Shanghai), France (Le of God-sends), Italy (Mudzhello), the Spanish Catalonia (Valencia), Great Britain (Donington Park).
Italian Valentino Rossi (Valentino Rossi), Fiat Yamaha command, on - former heads personal offset, at it 162 points.
on the second place Spaniard Dani Pedrosa (Dani Pedrosa), command Repsol Honda, but rupture between it and Rossi after the British stage has increased with 7 to 11 points. At Pedrosy now 151 point following the results of eight stages of the Championship.
on the third place, having pressed Horhe Lorenso, there is an operating world champion the Australian of Casey Stouner (Casey Stoner) from Ducati Marlboro, at it 117 points.
Lorenso (Jorge Lorenzo), Fiat Yamaha command, after race in Donington Park has fallen on the fourth place, at it 104 points.
American Kolin Edwards (Colin Edwards), command Yamaha Tech3 closes the first five. At it 82 points.
on the sixth place Andrea Doviziozo`s Italian (Andrea Dovizioso) from JiR Scot Team - 68 points.
on the seventh position American Niki Hejden (Nicky Hayden), command Repsol Honda. At it now 57 points.
on the eighth place British James Touzlend (James Toseland), command Yamaha Tech3. At it 53 points.
on the ninth place not taking part in last race 34 - the summer Italian, veteran MotoGP of Loris Kapirossi (Loris Capirossi), command Rizla Suzuki, at it 51 point all same, as was to a stage in Great Britain.
Japanese Sinja Nakano (Shinya Nakano), command San Carlo Honda Gresini closes first ten in standings. At Nakano now 49 points.
on 11 place Australian Chris Vermjulen (Chris Vermeulen), command Rizla Suzuki, at it 48 points.
on 12 place American John Hopkins (John Hopkins), command Kawasaki Racing Team. At it now 32 points.
on the thirteenth place there is a workmate of Casey to Stounera at the command of Ducati Marlboro Italian Marko Melandri. At it 29 points.
On the fourteenth place with same quantity of points Spaniard Tony Elias (Tony Elias), command Team Alice.
On the fifteenth place Alex de Andzhelis (Alex de Angelis) from the Dignity - Marino, command San Carlo Honda Gresini. At it 25 points.
the sixteenth place of the general offset and 22 points - at Frenchman Rendi de Pune (Randy de Pugniet), Honda LCR command.
the Seventeenth place and 18 points - at other Frenchman Silvejna Gvintoli (Sylvain Guintoli), command Team Alice.
the Eighteenth place and 16 points - at the Australian Anthony Uesta (Anthony West), command Kawasaki Racing.
the Nineteenth place and 2 points (following the results of only one race in Great Britain, in which it has taken part) - at American Ben Spajza (Ben Spies) from Rizla Suzuki.
the twentieth place and the same 2 points (following the results of only one race in Italy, in which it has taken part) - at Japanese Tadajuki Okada (Tadayuki Okada), command Repsol Honda Team.
In a cup of designers results of eight races of a season of 2008 look so: the first place at Yamaha - 180 points; on the second place of Honda - 151 point; on the third place Ducati (122 points); the fourth place at Suzuki (71 point) and the fifth at Kawasaki - 41 point. We will remind that in a cup of designers points are awarded only for the best result shown by one racer on a motorcycle of this or that mark.
in command offset the first five looks as follows: ahead with the big separation of Fiat Yamaha Team (266 points of Lorenso and Rossi), on the second place Repsol Honda (208 points of Pedrosy and Hejdena), on the third place Ducati Marlboro (146 points of Stounera and Melandri), on the fourth place command Yamaha Tech3 (135 points of Touzlenda and Edwards), on the fifth place Rizla Suzuki (101 point of Vermjulena, Kapirossi and Spajza). On the sixth place San Carlo Honda Gresini (74 points de Andzhelisa and Nakano). On the seventh place on - former JiR Scot Team (68 points of Doviziozo). On the eighth place remains Kawasaki Racing (Hopkins`s 48 points and West). On the ninth place on - former Team Alice (47 points of Eliasa and Gvintoli). And the tenth place at Honda LCR (22 points de Pune as were earlier).
the Track in Assene (Assen) in the Netherlands - a place for carrying out of Dutch stage MotoGP. Line A - Style Assen TT Circuit has been constructed in 1955 and modified in 2005. Rather wide line to measures MotoGP - 14 metres. Length - 4 555 metres. A track very twisting - on a line of the whole 17 turns (11 right and 6 left). Length of a direct site - only 560 metres. The record of speed on a track belongs to American John Hopkins (John Hopkins) and has been established by it on Suzuki motorcycle in 2006 - 1 and #39; 36. 411. Capacity of tribunes of a track - about 100 000 spectators, including 60 000 sedentary places. Assen - an administrative centre of the Dutch province of Drente. A city with the population in 65 thousand The person is located on severo - the country east, approximately in 170 km from Amsterdam.
it is remarkable that last 16 years of race on a track in the Netherlands were won only by racers on tyres Michelin. It is necessary to notice that two of three basic applicants for a victory this year, those who rose on a podium at the previous British stage - Stouner and Rossi - go on Bridgestone. Besides a track in Assene - one of six tracks of calendar MotoGP where pilots Ducati did not win never.
last year on a track in Assene the success accompanied Rossi, he has won race, Stouner was the second, and American Niki Hejden from Repsol Honda was the third. In 2006 the Dutch stage has won Hejden, Japanese Sinja Nakano acting then for Kawasaki Racing was the second, and the third Dani Pedrosa has come.
the race Schedule traditionally, only with shift for one day - today, on Thursday on June, 26th two practices - morning Free Practice #1 and day Free Practice #2, on Friday on June, 27th - Free Practice #3 morning and in the afternoon qualification, on Saturday on June, 28th in the morning warm-up Warm - Up and in the afternoon actually race. In a class 125ρρ - in 13. 00 Moscow time, in a class 250ρρ - in 14. 15 Moscow time, in “ royal “ a class - in 16. 00 Moscow time.
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