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V.Mutko: In development of football we something have a little got confused

the Minister of sports Vitaly Mutko has spent a press - conference on which has commented on resignation of president RFS of Sergey Fursenko, a situation in football as a whole, and also has told about medalnom the plan of Russian national team for the Olympic games in London.
Mutko has told that the reason of resignation of Fursenko - not failure performance of Russian national team in the European championship - 2012, and the whole complex of the reasons:
- In - the first, Sergey Fursenko`s this personal decision, and it is not connected with national team performance. Here there are also more serious reasons connected with development of football as a whole. If performance results in the championship below tasks in view, that, certainly, it has to draw conclusions - whether it can correct a situation. We will not convince and persuade him. In general in development of football we something have a little got confused. Now we should put football on normal rails. We have got confused that we will develop and do. For example, from - for two clubs we can pass to system autumn - spring and after all it at all for Russia. How, for example, Novosibirsk can play November? There are decisions which should be logical and clear. Especially before the European championship it is not necessary to pass to such cycle when have played almost one and a half season.
the minister who headed earlier RFS, has noticed that does not plan to come back to a post of the president of the union:
- I officially declare that I do not apply for this post. At present I am the minister of sports, and of the law combination of posts it is impossible. I can tell that on a post of president RFS it is a lot of candidates.
Mutko also has commented on searches of the new head coach of a national team. With a nominee of the instructor on this post while definiteness is not present, however there is a plan according to which to the house World championship 2018 - go year the national team will have time to work under the direction of two experts. It is supposed that now the national team will be headed by the trainer who will bring her to CHM - 2014 and after that its place will be occupied with the expert who will prepare a command to CHM - 2018.
On a press - konferenetsii the questions connected with preparation for the Olympic games - 2012 also were brought up. Mutko has declared that Russian national team in London will struggle for the third place in obshchekomandnom offset:
- We will participate in 34 - h sports. For the objective reasons to catch up with China and the USA in the general offset it will not turn out. The USA have 19 absolute medals, and China has table tennis, badminton. At us such sports are not present. Great Britain and Germany in struggle for the third place will be the basic contender. To us it will be extremely difficult. Is about five - six sports where we will compete directly. Always say that 30 percent are added for the account of house walls.
we will notice that earlier Mutko asserted that the USA and China are considered as competitors of Russian national team only. Now forecasts of the minister have changed.