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MotoGP: Gran - at the USA has won Stouner

In the USA in California on Laguna Seka track the tenth has been played under the account gran - at current season MotoGP - Gran - at the USA.
its Australian of Casey has won Stouner (Casey Stoner) from command Repsol Honda - its time 43:52. 145.
Casey Stouner: All weekend has passed in a struggle condition, and I have not been especially assured that I can go at level with Horhe and Tributes in race. However this morning on heating circles we have found out that the situation has improved. Before race I felt enough rasslablenno, confidently, and as a whole is quiet, we have begun more slowly, than usually accurately to warm up rubber, and at the same time to pass those circles which should be driven with a full tank with which bajk feels not in the best way. So I was patient and waited, when my time will come, supervising only that Horhe and Tributes have not too come off. I felt that I can show speed more, but waited. When Tributes has started to weaken slightly, I attacked, and then continued to press on Horhe, have then chosen the successful moment, and business has been made. It is fantastic result for such difficult weekend, and an excellent victory, I am very grateful to all command .
the world champion Spaniard Horhe Lorenso (Jorge Lorenzo) from command Yamaha Factory Racing has shown the Second time - it has lagged behind the leader on 5. 634 seconds.
Horhe Lorenso: Well, first of all, I am glad to the second place, after failure the day before I thought that in a reality I can not normally drive some time. But after qualification I hoped that I can struggle up to the end for a victory, but expectation time do not coincide with a reality. Casey was faster today, I could not correspond to its rate in the end of race. My physical condition not that that is magnificent, and it does me a bit more slowly. The second place it is good, me from Casey separates only 20 points, and I will try next time .
the Third to finish Spaniard Dani Pedrosa (Dani Pedrosa) from command Repsol Honda has come - its backlog from Casey has made 9. 467 seconds.
tributes of Pedrosa: I am very glad to one more podium, the second after my returning after a trauma. I could predict this result before arrival to the Lagoon because I knew that physically it will be for me very difficult, and I am glad that it was possible to correspond to me for last two races to rate of Casey and Horhe. Today to the middle of race I was very tired, almost have already dared to finish battle, I not could own strongly adequately the left hand, and here on this track it is impossible to relax never. But as a result left as left, I am very glad to it. Now we will have a small break, and it is very good for me, I can have a rest and weaken muscles, and return completely ready to battles to Brno .
the Fourth American Ben Spiz (Ben Spies) from Yamaha Factory Racing, Andrea Doviziozo`s fifth Italian (Andrea Dovizioso) from command Repsol Honda, the sixth - Italian Valentino Rossi (Valentino Rossi) from command Ducati Team finished.
the Seventh American Niki Hejden (Nicky Hayden) from the same command Ducati Team. The eighth Kolin Edwards, ninth Ektor Barbera, tenth Hirosi Aojama.
the Eleventh Karelian Abraham, twelfth Loris Kapirossi, the thirteenth Tony Elias.
four More pilots - Alvaro Bautista, Ben Bostrom, Marko Simonchelli and Kel Kratchlou - have not reached finish.
we will remind that pilots of premieres took part in race in the USA - a class of series MotoGP only.
In the general offset of Casey Stouner has slightly strengthened the leadership, at it now 193 points, and the nearest contender, the operating world champion Spaniard Horhe Lorenso, lags behind it on 20 points - 173 points at it in an active. Andrea Doviziozo`s Italian, at which 143 points, on the fourth place now Spaniard Dani Pedrosa with 110 points, and on the fifth place Italian Valentino Rossi, at which 108 points goes the third.
following, under the account the championship stage will pass the eleventh in Czechia in Brno on August, 14th.
on materials: Motonews. ru