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In Belgorod have revived Games of the people of the USSR

on August, 19th in Belgorod IIV summer Games of Open Society " started; Gazprom .   Week before   on city athletic fields young sportsmen within the limits of II of children`s Games of a society competed. In competitions of summer Games which concedes nothing to Games of the people of the USSR,   take part an order of 3 thousand sportsmen from 27 affiliated societies of the gas company from all country. From them - more than 600 children at the age from 10 till 16 years. Competitions pass on 4 sports - in a nursery and by 7 kinds - in adult Games. Detsko - youthful Games Gazprom - bright sports holidays which help youth to form character and to achieve objects in view, promote dialogue and unity has noted in the telegramme to participants and organizers of Games the first vitse - the prime minister of the government Dmitry Medvedev. It personally supervises realisation of the scale program Gazprom - to children . Following the results of competitions of children`s Games 1 place was occupied with Open Company command mostransgaz 2 place -   Open Company Tjumentransgaz 3 place - Open Company Tomsktransgaz . The special prize from hands of the governor of the Belgorod area of Evgenie Savchenko was received by the most young sportswoman from Open Company command Astrahangazprom   Anna Klimov.   a cup For the will to win to Anna Drembljuga from Open Company command Gazprom trnsgaz - Kuban has handed over double     the champion of the Olympic games Svetlana Horkina. The main judge of competitions Vladimir Tortyshev in conversation with   the correspondent has summed up competitions and has defined position about Games   as a whole.: what for the phenomenon Gazprom Games how much it is on a substantial scale spent, what value has it for a society? Vladimir Tortyshev: Today gazpromovskie Games which are spent since 1996 already difficult to name corporate. Initially purpose of competitions dated to 50 - tiletiju gas pipeline buildings Saratov - Moscow there was an improvement of the employees. But after any time comprehension that for many regions, especially northern, sports - actually a way of a survival has come. So competitions and gathering began to be held regularly, considerable means in building of a sports infrastructure began to be put. Scales of competitions, and you see how much redstavitelna geography of commands, have outgrown corporate level, and it is possible to say that Gazprom Games have revived remarkable tradition of carrying out of Games of the people of the USSR.: children`s Games are spent only in the second time. As   there was this idea? Century T: Supporting adults, it was impossible to ignore and families, children of employees of the gas company, this our future. Therefore today one of the major components of social policy   state corporations the program " is; Gazprom - to children under which aegis the children`s part of Games is spent. The company builds on all country of a platform and sport centres in which come to be engaged not only children of employees of Gazprom, but also all wishing children.: Vladimir Ivanovich how it is possible to estimate professional level of sportsmen? Century T: Professional level of sportsmen and the Games and, first of all a nursery, grows every year. So some sportsmen at the last competitions of competitions on swimming have shown results of level of the Russian youth national team.: and all - taki what overall objective of Games, what except already mentioned improvement of a body and spirit it can give to sportsmen? Century T: If to say about children`s Games, probably, the most important purpose that we to separations youth from street. They are engaged,   set up the first records. It is necessary to notice that talents should noticed. There come experts,   look, analyze, the best write down. Therefore probability that we will see today`s winners and prize-winners of competitions on the Olympic pedestal is very great " a bit later;. On the Games organisation in Belgorod of Open Society Gazprom has allocated 270 million roubles. A considerable part of means - an order of 180 million - it has been directed on building and reconstruction of sports city objects of Belgorod and the places of residence of sportsmen - hostels of the Belgorod state and Technological universities. Competitions of adult Games will last till August, 25th and to come to the end with a colourful closing ceremony on which for sportsmen and townspeople the group " will act; a Chaif .