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Kljuft and Peres - triple, and Russians again without medals

In the second day of the World championship on track and field athletics it has been played four complete sets of medals. Russians, as well as yesterday, on a podium have not got. Early in the morning, for the present not too fried the sun, on a distance of 20 kilometres walkers have left. Here hopes of the Russian fans have been connected with Ilya Markovym, however the glorified fast walker has reached finish only the ninth. Ecuadorian Jefferson Peres, for which it " took priority on this distance; gold became already to the third n the World championships. The third gold award has extracted and mnogoborka Carolina Kljuft. That the well-known Swede will win a victory in heptathlon anybody, perhaps, did not doubt. The intrigue was only in with what result of Kljuft will finish competition. As a result Carolina has pleased public, having improved a record of Europe. Anna Bogdanova who has taken the tenth place became best of Russians in this kind of the program. In shot put at women fierce struggle between the representative of New Zealand Valeri was developed Twisted also Belarus Nadezhdoj Ostapchuk. In the first attempt of Ostapchuk has pushed a shell for 20 metres, and it seemed that hardly to someone udastsja to surpass this achievement. However Twisted last a push has exceeded this result on half-metre, having established a personal record. Thus, Ostapchuk in last attempt should jump above a head and it almost was possible to it, but the started up shell has not reached result Twisted only six centimetres. We will notice that Russian Anna Omarova unexpectedly for many has taken only the ninth place. At last, on snack to the spectators who have gathered on tribunes, has passed the ending of sprint running at men on 100 metres in which the main struggle should be developed between world record-holder Asafoj Powell from Jamaica and Tyler Geem from the USA. As a result, to surprise of many, jamaets has come running to finish only the third having passed forward not only the Gay, but also the representative of the Bahamas Derrika Atkinsa. Osaka (Japan). The World championship. Men. Walking. 20 km 1. Jefferson Peres (Ecuador) - 1:22. 20
2. Hatem Goul (Tunis) - 1:22. 40
3. Eder Sanchez (Mexico) - 1:23. 36...
9. Ilya Markov (Russia) - 1:24. 35 Women. Shot put 1. Valeri Twisted (New Zealand) - 20. 54
2. Hope Ostapchuk (New Zealand) - 20. 48
3. Nadin Kljajnert (Germany) - 19. 77
9. Anna Omarova (Russia) - 18. 20 Women. Heptathlon 1. Carolina Kljuft (Sweden) - 7032
2. Lyudmila Blonska (Ukraine) - 6832
3. Kelly Soterton (Great Britain) - 6510
10. Anna Bogdanova (Russia) - 6243
19. Olga Kurban (Russia) - 5998 Men. 100 m 1. Tyler Gej (USA) - 9. 85
2. Derrik Atkins (Bahamas) - 9. 91
3. Asafa Powell (Jamaica) - 9. 96