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Moscow has met the Russian Olympians of Beijing. The PHOTO

Maxim Alekseev
On Monday, on August, 25th, at the international airport the Sheremetyevo - 2 solemnly met the Russian Olympians. Five flights, since 16 hours, one after another landed this day, returning home the national heroes - champions of the Olympic games in Beijing.
all this day to Russia from Beijing have arrived about six hundred persons - members of the Russian Olympic delegation: sportsmen, trainers, medical staff and heads of federations... Most the main thing from these five flights there was the third under the account: charter SU of 2572 airlines Aeroflot with three hundred passengers onboard, landed in 17 - 15. Representatives of the Olympic committee of Russia have named it precisely Gold flight . The explanation to that was idle time: On its board home have returned the majority of the Russian sportsmen - the Olympic champions of Beijing - 2008.
As well as always happens in such cases, occurrence of sportsmen in foyer of the terminal With was obviously tightened. About four hundred persons - representatives of mass-media, fans, relatives, and also pupils detsko - youthful sports schools and simple inhabitants from among meeting - seeing off - with impatience expected the national heroes in foyer. the moment iks has come in 17 - 56. Occurrence of the first Olympians from glass doors of a zone of customs control have announced joyful many-voiced Ro - ssi - I! Ro - ssi - I! and   solemn music performed by a wind band.
among the first of glass doors there was a minister of sports, tourism and the youth policy Vitaly Mutko and the president of the Olympic committee of Russia Leonid Tjagachev. Sportsmen following them all were tightened and tightened, then became in two - three numbers before specially vystlannoj   in the fenced zone a carpet path -   yellow ( gold !) Colours. And everyone sportenke flowers were there and then handed over to each sportsman. Basically   to the people   there were girls: gymnasts, sinhronistki and athletes. Among them it was possible to learn Larissa Ilchenko, Tatyana Lebedev, Evgenie Kanaevu and other newly made champions and prize-winners of the Olympic games.
after beautiful for such cases beautiful and pathos speeches performed by president OKR and the minister of sports a word - on behalf of all sportsmen - Olympians - took champion Igr in Beijing in synchronous swimming Anastas Ermakova`s (duets). She has warmly thanked all fans for support and has expressed confidence that the Russian sports yet have not lost the positions in the world.
it is equal in eight minutes after the verbal reference to fans and the journalists, all planned an official part actions has come to the end. Sportsmen as the most usual people, have started wandering to a building exit through human weight -   Dragging behind itself   the big bags - suitcases, and sometimes and pushing before itself simply huge (!) Carts, gruzhennye luggage. Fortunately, much of them were helped by meeting relatives and friends. In passing many of Olympians did not refuse to itself pleasure to communicate to journalists.
absolutely still   the young Olympic champion on rhythmic gymnastics Darya Shkurihina stood in an environment of relatives and did not hide emotions - the smile simply did not descend from her face. As well as its many colleagues, it also has found minute for the representative of mass-media.
- your sensations after a gain of the gold Olympic medal first in life?
- Oh, sensations simply inexpressible: we are full of pride of the country - that could bring to it one more gold and to fill up the general coin box of medals! We are very glad and happy! All - taki, is dream to which each sportsman aspires, probably!
- as to you today`s solemn reception here?
- it is simply healthy! If it is fair, we simply did not expect that us here so will meet! (Smiles)
- And who you personally today here   meets?
- Mum and relatives (smiles).
- And how admirers?
- Admirers - while are not present! More skilled sportswoman - the champion   (laughs)
; in Anastas Ermakova`s synchronous swimming   looked easy enough. However, at the first question of the correspondent - Sports it was not possible to it to hide the joyful sensations.
- you just welcomed fans on behalf of all sportsmen - Olympians. Whose it was idea - to ask to speak to you?
is there was a management initiative - Leonid Tjagacheva and Vitaly Mutko (laughs). So it has turned out that I was in the forefront. Well, also it is visible, for merits. Therefore have decided to ask to speak to me...
- As to you the reception organised here, in an airport hall?
- Well, of course, grandiose reception. Such quantity of the people - very much was pleasant (smiles).
- If it is possible, once again to steam   words about your pair performance in Beijing... What was the most difficult during competitions?
- Probably, as difficult was to act even not so much... The most difficult was - to have training preparation for these four years. Especially, last year - because it was valid very hard, and all should be sustained it. And when we have already sustained - it is necessary to act and show only all it. As speak, it is heavy in the doctrine - easily in fight. It was not easy, of course, (laughs). But we knew simply that we should execute well program - then at all of us it will turn out. We have made it and are very happy with the performance (smiles).
- But nervous trembling was not in the ending?
- Nervous trembling, certainly, was - more even because that we knew, for that from us wait, and what responsibility lies on our shoulders. From it there was a nervous trembling. But basically, we with it too have consulted.
- but whether there were doubts in the victory?
- you know, we went behind a victory. But were ready to all - because it is the Olympic Games, all of us people, and everyone happens. But we were adjusted only on a victory.
- what plans for the near future - to have a rest?
- Yes, it is necessary to have a rest. Simply it is necessary to be restored, and there we will look... (Smiles).
Against low sinhronistok and gymnasts silver prize-winner Igr - 2008 handballer of Russian national team Maria Sidorov looked rather statno. Especially in an image of the effective fatal blonde. However the visible weariness on the person has found reflexion and in conversation with the journalist - it was visible that it is difficult to it to tell about peripetias of Beijing emotionally now...
- as regard command performance, are happy?
- In general, we went for gold . But as a result took silver . It is necessary to rejoice to that is.
- Norwegians were objectively stronger or...?
- in this final game - yes.
- But chances of a victory were?
- Certainly. Chances are always, and we always struggle for a victory. Simply this time game in the ending at us has not so turned out.
- the nervous tension has strongly affected a play of the team?
- Probably, nerves have affected, including. Because in such cases it is necessary to worry: all - taki, the ending is the ending, it is a solving and most important part of the Olympic tournament. And in the ending pressure at all players   anyhow is present and it is shown.
- whose support you felt in Beijing more in total from trainers and a management, fans, native...?
- us supported all. Because we received every day a news from the family from Russia... And those fans who were in Beijing - also very strongly supported us. Huge it thanks - because when in Beijing you hear from tribunes Russia, Russia! is huge plus for all command.
- as to you the accorded welcome here and who meets you?
- Reception excellent, very warm and sincere. Such attention is always pleasant to sportsmen. And mum and the little sister meet me - here they, nearby stand, wait... (Laughs).
Sportsmen have already left foyer of the terminal With when only the two people surrounded with journalists, indefatigably continued to give interview. Leonid Tjagachev and Vitaly Mutko with enthusiasm and with enthusiasm answered all new and new questions...
last - the fifth under the account -   Olympic flight from Beijing has landed about ten o`clock in the evening. the Boeing transported on the board of stars of a domestic platform. They also have brought the mite in support of the Russian Olympians, acting throughout all Olympic Games with concerts in the Russian house ...